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How many customers and money has Nowrich union lost using Indian call centers?

Sparkle5. Sounds as though you might be a share holder, if so waken up.

After many accident free years with them I had to change! My premium had doubled – TP F & T was more expensive than fully comp and to top it all I couldn’t speak to anyone in the UK!!

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9 Responses to “How many customers and money has Nowrich union lost using Indian call centers?”

  1. Jack said :

    Too many to mention.

    I bet they have lost more revenue than they have saved by using Indian call centres, but then they wouldn’t know.

  2. carolyn c said :

    not enough or they would transfer the call centre back to the uk

  3. bigtdotcom said :

    that was the major reason we left

  4. gravysb said :

    I hope a lot. If they want to do business in Britian they should source their work to British people. I hate phoning a call centre where the peoeple can barely speak English and generally don’t give a monekys. At least if their in this country you can speak to a manager or write a letter of complaint.

  5. resignedtolife said :

    The British should boycott all organisations that use them. The only answer is the power of the people. My friend and I do it.

  6. Lee M said :

    Who knows, they won’t admit it. After a call I always wonder if what I asked was going to happen, as the language difference can sometimes be worrying.
    Gravysb- I’d edit some of what you have just wrote, or people might think you work in an offshore call
    EDIT: I used to work for NU. I was in a team that did not take public calls. I got one one day, and called the customer team in India to transfer. In my best English, I told them who I was and why I was calling. So what did he think I asked? He thought I wanted to transfer him back to my team!! So he transferred me and the customer to another of my team members who picked up the phone, I apologised, and explained what had happened, he knew, as he heard most of the conversation, i.e me pleading with the India customer service guy to stop and actually listen to me.

  7. bert said :

    Many I should imagine. The worst I have come across are B.T. broadband helpline. The main qualification for this job seems to be imbecility !

  8. sparkle555_2000 said :

    Hopefully they haven’t lost any!!

  9. chocoholic! said :

    I don’t know but I had to ring them yesterday & got to phone again tomorrow. Dreading it as I know there will be difficulty speaking to them as they don’t understand what I’m asking etc. Hope to leave the company soon. My husband has terrible trouble with LLoyds Bank as their call centre is in India too & it’s a nightmare everytime he rings them.


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