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How do you dress and act like a girlie girl?

I am a little girlie, but I want to impress this guy I really like. He likes girlie girls and i want to know how to act and be like one. Thank You!

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8 Responses to “How do you dress and act like a girlie girl?”

  1. hot donald said :

    Don’t be a tool. Be yourself.

  2. Critical_rationalist said :

    sun dresses, strappy sandals, hair worn down in waves

  3. Home Toast (Wears Glasses) said :

    A) Be yourself! It’s too much work to put on an act for a guy!! He won’t end up liking YOU anyway.

    B) To dress girly, wear skirts, flowy tops, layers, and dark denim. Oh, and plenty of pink =)
    Also carry a purse around, and don’t wear sneakers.

    C) Acting girly: Be energetic and laugh a lot. Don’t burp or do anything that’s considered gross.

  4. Maggie (: said :

    Dress in pink, white, grey, and pastel colors.
    Wear lots of tennis skirts and pleaded skirts, and short shorts.
    Also wear lots of floral prints, polka dots, and cutesy things.
    Laugh a lot, twirl your hair, and be very cheerful.

    I suggest being yourself, though. :/

  5. bren duhh said :

    lauqh a lot 😀
    have a smile on yewr face.
    you can actually be mean (it totally worksz for me they think itsz cute]

  6. ♪♫♥Sara♥♫♪ said :
  7. I <3 Sodapop said :

    Wear bright colors, or pink. Where skirts, with strapy sandles or flip flops. Where your hair down, straight or wavey. Act really bubbly and happy, always smiling. 🙂

  8. Tawny Cheeks said :

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  9. Mellie Copier said :

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