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how do i get a grant for business and restaurant where do i start first do i get a loan from the bank?

i need help to starting a restaurant business i dont have no money for nothing i dont no how to get a business grant some body tell me shounld i get a loan from the bank in how mush shounld i get. tell me step from step and if somebody no about grant tell me who shounld i talk to. one thing i did not finsh school help me i got my worker ready to work.

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6 Responses to “how do i get a grant for business and restaurant where do i start first do i get a loan from the bank?”

  1. tkahrs12122 said:

    First off you need a business plan that you can present to the bank or grant people. Start by researching how to draw up a great professional plan. Once you accomplish that, talk to the loan officer at your local bank. If they cannot help you they will point you in the right direction.

  2. Kathleen said:

    The most common type of lender is the commercial bank, credit union, savings and loan companies, or investment companies. These lenders offer business loans, however, often times these loans must be secured. This could mean offering up your personal assets as collateral. Although, the business is yours to do withwilling to loan them business capital. Organizations such as the Women’s Business Ownership, Women Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, and several others cater to lending money to women that wish to start-up a business, still others actually guarantee them business loans.

  3. Pandas4me said:

    Try the small business administration. If you don’t have any money it will be hard to get anywhere. You must have a business plan for your business and from judging the way you write and speak English you aren’t going to get far. Better go back to school and learn to speak and write proper English first. Good Luck!

  4. bill the businessman said:

    my friend, you better start reading up on things…first of all, no bank, no grant is going to help you get a loan in the restaurant business at this time or any other time…
    If you have an amount equal to what you would be asking for, they just might wink a little, but I doubt that also…The restaurant business is one of the hardest, if not the hardest businesses in the whole wide world to get anybody to lend you money for….In every sizable city there is a group called SCORE-they are a group of (usually) retired
    businessmen-who will explain the facts of life to you–they are very street wise and knowlegeable people…GOOD LUCK-but do not go into the restaurant business—cold hard facts !!!!!!!!!

  5. Sawadee said:

    You need to set up a purchasing plan. I suggest you write it down and then enter all the expenses into a microsoft excel file or something that looks professional. A purchasing plan will be a form or paperwork that lists all the money you will need, what you will need it for, what products and materials you will need to purchase to start your business, and also what those same things will cost you each month and how much you plan to profit each month and year. You need to write out this plan, maybe get a business lawyer to help you (I know you have no money, but maybe you should wait until you have money for this to make sure its done right if you dont know what you are doing) and then present that purchasing plan to a bank or loan counselor. Nobody can tell you how much you will need to start a restaurant business. Depends on how big your restaurant will be, what type of building you want to buy and what state or country you are buying it in, how many people you will need to employ, what type of food you will be serving and how much those materials/ingredients/tools/machines cost, advertising costs and how big or small you want to advertise etc.

  6. Antonio Cleaves said:

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