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how do i get a clean smooth video for streaming and youtube?

i noticed some peoples videos are clean picture but whenever the camera moves the picture skips and gives me a headache. what kind of camcorders should i avoid? or what features should i look for to have a smooth video?

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One Response to “how do i get a clean smooth video for streaming and youtube?”

  1. clamdirt4 said:

    I use a Digital Camcorder for my video projects(Palmcorder)..
    I use DV-tape..which creates a DV-file..
    My computer will upload the camcorder footage–creating a DV-avi File..
    I remain in DV-avi for all the editing–once my movie is nice and smooth..
    I look to make Upload Files..
    YouTube..gets a 720p File..
    If I’m to make a DVD-video,,I’ll render the DV-avi File..for MPEG-2 and Dolby-Digital audio..
    Always use DV-avi(AVI)..un-compressed..Large files–for editing..
    ..trying to edit a wmv/wma file can be a “jerky” process..
    ..1080p is a very good wmv/wma file.but I still remain in DV-avi(AVI)..
    That would be my Master Video File..
    I also use Roxio Creator a back-up application..for upload files..
    Next would be HD Video..
    Your computer would need..a PCIe Video create HD-video..
    ..or you will see horizontal lines in the video file–especially with action scenes..
    Like a basketball game..lines will appear..
    Jerky Video–is attempting to edit–compressed video files like wmv/wma..
    ..its also a sign of hurrying..
    There is no hurrying the video editing process..
    Always use the Pause Button–before advancing your video footage..useing the slider switch.


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