How bad and wide-spread are the bedbugs in Vancouver?

I am planning to attend UBC in Vancouver and I have heard that Vancouver has a bedbug situation, so is it widespread (do I have to worry) or is it uncommon?

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4 Responses to “How bad and wide-spread are the bedbugs in Vancouver?”

  1. Pagan Dan said:

    There is no reason think that bedbugs are any worse in Vancouver than anywhere else. Some people get bedbugs, the vast majority do not. In this respect, Vancouver is no different from your home town.

  2. SteveN said:

    Bed bugs are becoming a real problem in many cities in North America. Vancouver, New York, and Toronto have all reported outbreaks of the little bloodsuckers in recent years, and treatment to get rid of them is very difficult. The problem with bed bugs is that because they are not known to carry or spread disease, Health Canada does not consider them a “danger to public health”, which needs to be reported and treated accordingly.

    In Vancouver, you can check if there were any infestations reported in certain areas on this website:

    Keep in mind that if you see an infestation reported, you should note how old the entry is.

  3. Chuckles said:

    Since they banned the really effective chemicals several years ago there have been infestations breaking out all over Canada and the USA. From the Rio Grand north I am afraid. Vancouver has then no worse or better than most any other place. And it is only a matter of time before every city has them bad.

    I live in Burnaby in a super clean building and we have them here. I found that 99% strength isopropyl alcohol kills them on contact. And this is personal experience I am drawing upon from earlier this evening.

    If your mattress is not infected yet just get a plastic storage bag for it from a storage place for about $7.00. Use two. And be vigilant and ready with a bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

  4. no one said:

    Bed bugs are excessive in Vancouver. The reason being crappy, cheap landlords who refuse to treat an entire building (which is what needs to be done to eradicate the little bastards) due to the cost. It is perfectly disgusting and just another example of the illusion Vancouver is this great place. It is great if you are rich. Toronto is the bed bug capital of Canada though. When renting a place, check the bed bug registry to see if the building is on the list. My friend lives in a nice building in the West End and her apartment has been sprayed three times for bedbugs. She is on her second new sofa and is having another brand new mattress delivered in a few days. It is disgusting that landlords are allowed to get away with this considering the inflated rents they charge.


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