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How and when did you lose your virginity?

I’m a virgin and I almost lost mine recently but changed my mind. All of my friends just keep telling me to hang on to it till I find someone special. I’m 25 and I’m starting to get tired of being one. I’m afraid that eventually no guy will want me because I’m still one.

How do you feel about when, how, and who you lost your virginity to?

Do you wish you still had it or do you wish you could have lost it to someone else?

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16 Responses to “How and when did you lose your virginity?”

  1. donna s. said:

    i was 17 years old i wish i would have waited don’t rush it you have time wait until you find the right guy.

  2. Sarah B said:

    sadly for me im still a virgin and im 18.

  3. virtual insanity said:

    I was 18 and with someone I cared about and have never regretted any part of it.

    I’m not one to necessarily agree with waiting until that special person comes along. Sex is an urge. If I were 25 and a virgin, I’d take a lover. I realize how that probably sounds, but I think there is also such a thing as putting too much importance on sex. Sex and making love can be the same thing, but they can also be separate and still fulfilling.

    Only you can decide what is right for you and what time is right for you. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to when is best. The best time is when you are ready and you are comfortable.

    Nothing wrong with waiting either, by the way.

  4. jjj said:

    its all about when ur ready and u’ve found the right guy..b.c. believe me the right guy wont be bother if u are a virgin or not since they r in love with u. i wish i waited honestly .. i would have rather lost it to the guy im with now rather than who i did loose it with but its not really a big deal sex is just apart of life ツ

  5. ? said:

    I’m 25 too. I “lost” mine July 7, 1996. It was incredibly romantic, outside under the stars. After many years apart, I am with this man again. I am still as in love with him as I was ten years ago. I don’t have a single regret.

    I congratulate you for waiting to find the right man. I would be watchful for someone trying to use you just to take your virginity away. I hope you find the one, and develop a very healthy sex life, when you are ready.

  6. Vampire Fangirl said:

    Obviously, being a 12 year old, I’m still a virgin, and plan to stay that way till I’m married.

    Protect your virtue; find the right guy and get married first, don’t live in sin.

  7. HerHuggyBunny said:

    I’m a guy, and I was 13 (more than 35 years ago)… so was the girl I was with, but it was her 5th time and my first.

    I have only two concerns over people’s decision about first-time sex:

    1) Play safe… no exceptions! Absolutely do not do it unless you have taken proper steps to prevent both pregnancy and disease transmission.

    2) Make sure you’re really ready for it. Certainly anyone your age *is* ready both physically and emotionally for a healthy sex life if she wants one, but there’s another person involved, and you shouldn’t be choosing that person only because they’re attractive or only because you think they’ll marry you. You should choose them because you love them (or at least are *in* love with them, which can be different altogether), because you truly believe they feel similarly about you, and because you feel you can get along with them more-than-just-comfortably before, during and especially *after* such an intimate situation.

    Beyond that, it’s a matter for you and your chosen partner, but you oughta think about these things too: they’re important if you want your first time to be “special” for more reasons than just the fact that there are two special people involved.

    Make sure you have lots of privacy for quite a long time (two hours or more is a good idea) because not only might there be some uncomfortable, embarrassing or painful moments along the way, but there’s more to the first time than just “doing it”, and you’ll have a lot of stuff to talk about afterwards – you do *not* want any of this to be interrupted.

    When it comes to intercourse, tell your guy that *you* will be the one to say “stop” if anything’s wrong (like pain, or even if you just chicken out) and that it’s up to him to remember that when you tell him “stop”.

    Don’t even *try* unless you’re very turned on and very slippery… a couple of orgasms first will also help your vagina to be stretchier and more insistent on having something inside – and if you don’t get very wet no matter how horny you are, have some water-based lube (KY, Astroglide, Wet or similar) handy and no matter what, go SLOW until you’re comfortable.

    That lube will also help prevent breakage of the condom. Yes, the condom. There’s a name for people who rely on “pulling out” as a method of avoiding pregnancy: “parents”.

    Oral sex is also fine any time at all for either person, at least if both of them are comfortable with it and enjoy it. Doing it until the person receiving has an orgasm is nicest, but it isn’t necessary. (Oh… and there’s nothing wrong with a mouthful of hair when it tastes like a horny woman who loves you… there’s certainly no need to go shaving yourself unless *you* just happen to like it that way).

  8. selphie1 said:

    I lost mine last December (I was 18 and a freshman in college) to a really great guy who I am still very in love with :).

    I made sure that before I did it, that I wouldn’t have any doubts or regrets. I’m happy with my decision and will never regret it even if I happen to end my relationship with my bf.

    I think that everyone should wait for the time and person that they won’t regret losing their virginity to. There should not be a doubt in your mind if you’re going to have sex for the first time.

  9. mafiaprincess said:

    I was 15 and I lost it to my first love. I am still with him and I am 24 our ten year is comming up 9/21/2008 yeah but anyways i wish I would have waited cause now I have two kids and if I would have waited then I would have no kids. Sex isn’t that great! Sure it feels good but it will not feel good the first time cause you don’t even know what a ograsm is until you have sex for a while and most men grown or not don’t know how to give you one. I had sex with my love for about five years before even achieving the orgasim so just wait. Do give that up to anyone not because others say so but once you have sex with someone you level of love for the person goes higher. It brings you level of comment higher and to men it is nothing just sex and trust me it will be way more to you. If you have sex with just any guy that doesn’t care about you then don’t expect them to stay around. If you wait for the right one the wierd parts will not be so bad and the feelung of emotional expession will be better. Sex is for two people that want to show the most love that they can for each other. If it bugs you cause your friends tease you then tell them you did it so they leave you alone and just wait I wish I did! Once it is gone there is no getting it back.

  10. Peachy Keen said:

    I was 16 and he was 18. He wasn’t a virgin. I still talk to him now and we are friends but it was messy back then. I wish I would have waited until we were together longer or until I was older and more comfortable with myself and with him. I wouldn’t change the guy though.

    I think it is something special and you can only use it once. There’s no need to rush into it! Any guy who wants to rush you isn’t worth it and doesn’t realize how great it is to be your first guy. Wait until you find a guy that appreciates you and makes you feel special! It’s certainly nothing to be embarassed about.

  11. ? said:

    I felt pressured because I thought he’d find a girl that would put out if I didnt. I was engaged to him and it happened right before my 19th birthday. He dumped me a couple weeks later. Turns out he just liked to get engaged to get in a girls pants. He’s a virginity collector, apprently.

    I wish I had kept it. I’m married now at 23, to a guy that just turned 31. He was raised in a very religious environment and actually waited for marriage. I felt guilty because I HAD had sex. If he could wait, I should have been able to, too.

  12. Colanth said:

    I agree completely with HuggyBunny (I’m a guy too – and I can’t remember when I lost mine, but there were dinosaurs outside the cave we lived in). And stop worrying about guys not wanting you because you’re a virgin – to those guys to whom it makes any difference at all, it’s a good thing. To the rest of us, it’s you that matters, not a little piece of skin inside you, or with whom you did what at some time in the past.

  13. loki said:

    whats with all the religious nuts?? the asker never stated she had religious views so stop pushing yours on her, you’ve got to agree with all the people that said its no biggie, if it hasn’t happened it hasn’t happened, if it does it does, nobody will (or should) judge you either way…I lost mine aged 16 to a girl i’ve been in with for 10 years now but i didnt know i loved her when we did it and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, yeah it is cute that she was my first but if she hadnt been my life wouldnt have ended!! just enjoy it, meet people and maybe it will happen! good luck xx

  14. gymnastgirl16 said:

    im 17 and im still a virgin. im saving myself for marriage. i think that you should save yourself for a guy who you really love and care about and who feels the same about you. if you lose it to some random or loser guy youll probably regret it.

  15. iheartnewyork said:

    i still wish i still had my virginity and i lost it when i was 18

  16. jenny garcia said:

    omg i’m a teen but all these ppl losing their pureness is messed up im considered a hoe but still dude i am still clean and im planing on stating pure till im malking down that ile. don’t go for the negative peer pressure.


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