Gays and Lesbians: Are You Or Do You Somebody Who Is Gay And An Only Child?

I’m an only child and gay. If you’re an only child and gay, are your parents mad that you’ll never be able give them biological grandchildren?

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9 Responses to “Gays and Lesbians: Are You Or Do You Somebody Who Is Gay And An Only Child?”

  1. NoBoysAllowed said:

    Just because I am a lesbian does not mean that all of my eggs are broken…I can have biological children, as can any homosexual who chooses to : )

  2. grrr!!! <3s Tara J. said:

    i know someone who fact i know two somebodies that are. ones a girl and the other is a parents both dont care…but that depends on the parents. and they can still have kids lol. just in different ways.

  3. Spencer said:

    im an only child, but my motherr doesn’t know im gay yet.
    she has told me that if i decide to be gay in the future (which is obviously already here lol) that she would respect it, but she would want children.
    so i guess ill just have to wait an see.
    there are always other options like adopting and stuff,
    as for biological, its hardd..
    they just have to learn how to accept it i guess =

  4. Ariann F said:

    I’m not a lesnian… sorry but I couldn’t help but answering.

    If you are a lesbian, you could have artificial insemination with a donor father.

    If you are a gay male, I’m sure there is some thing similar where women would volunteer to be a capsule for you baby. You know, like you could pick a perfect female and use her eggs and then take your sperm and do what ever scientist do and have it implanted in a woman or something. I’m sure it’s possible if you want to carry out you lineage.

  5. HaK said:

    i’m an only child and my mom doens’t know and even if i was straight she would never see her grandkids and i am going to have kids and she’s still not gonna see them. i hate her and once i’m gone she’ll never see me again either.
    but i know my gf’s parents don’t mind too too much, they already have 2 grandkids from the oldest though. my old friend was an only child and his mom didn’t mind, she just wnated him to be happy. his dad was just a butt….
    whyu should it matter what they want thouhg? i might just see things differently cause i don’t have any kind of a god relationship with my mother, but for those who do, explain to me why it should matter if they want grandchildren when ur the one that would bring that child or children into this world? would they be dissapointed if their child was unable to have children period? or even if they could but still chose to adopt instead? i don’t understand that. all children deserve love, reguardless of genetics and technicallyies in who their biological parents are.

  6. Me. said:

    I’m an only child..
    I already told my mum and dad that i don’t want kids and they were fine with it..
    but they don’t no its because I’m gay.

  7. uchihaaddiction said:

    Hell even if I wasn’t gay, I’d have absolutely ZERO interest in having children. Luckily my parents are smart enough to realize this isn’t the end of the world. I don’t think they’re looking forward to any grandchildren– it’d just make them feel old.

  8. Madina said:

    Well I am bi and an only child. I dont want children so I suppose when my parents find out I am bi they will be a bit disappointed as they talk quite often about how they would like grandchildren.

  9. Cool Dude said:

    Worst case scenario: I’m the last male in the entire family. But have never come out, was married once, with step kids, otherwise, no one has made an issue of it.


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