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Do women sex enhancing pills work and which one is best?

I have seen all the commercials and ads about sexual enhancement pills for women. Has anyone tried any that actually helped. The ones online are very expensive so I wouldn’t want to waste money. I read that Fematril, Provestra, and Femtrex are the top sellars.
FYI: I have tried all the creams and stuff and talked to my dr. Just trying to go a natural route if possible.

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One Response to “Do women sex enhancing pills work and which one is best?”

  1. TheEditor said:

    Hon – I have never heard that any of these work.

    What does work: a lay-in, a spa day with a massage and a nice bottle of Merlot served by a grinning happy boyfriend.

    All sex is ‘play’ and if you are sick, stressed, tired, worried, etc., you cannot relax enough to enjoy some play.

    So the natural route is to get healthy and relaxed and sex will start to sound fun.


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