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Can you drink alcohol while taking suboxone?

I have just been prescribed suboxone and although i’m not a heavy drinker by any means, once in a while I like to drink. Anybody else on suboxone and know about this?

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3 Responses to “Can you drink alcohol while taking suboxone?”

  1. Dr Frank said :

    Sorry you can’t, alcoholic drinks or medications containing alcohol increases the sedative effect of buprenorphine. It does tell you this on the leaflet in each pack.

  2. justinfranksnj said :

    If you’re taking suboxone for opioid maintenance or detox, you already have a tolerance to the sedating effects of opioids. While drinking alcohol with it can never be 100% “safe”, I think you will be fine if you don’t overdo it. Of course, if you are taking the suboxone because of opioid addiction, you also need to be careful about trading your opioid addiction for an alcohol addiction.

  3. Lone said :

    Yes, just like you can on any other opioid, but suboxone itself is not really “safe” nor will it cure your problems. It is replacement therapy and will in fact make your addiction worse, because of the fact it is a long lasting opioid. Sub is 50 times stronger than morphine and has a half life of 37 hours. It is evil stuff if used as a maintenance drug.

    It is a miracle drug IF used for no more than 20-3 weeks. Take a few minutes and listen to this pod cast from a famed addiction doctor.

    If you insist on doing maintenance, don’t use more than 2 mg’s a day, and know you are in for one heck of a LONG withdrawal period even at 2 mg’s…If used for more than a month.


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