Can the U.S put a freeze on ALL immigration legal and illegal until economic situation improves?

Companies put a hiring freeze in tough economic times, why not put an immigration freeze both legal and illegal. Lets take care of the people who are in the country already. I say close all the borders U.S is not taking anymore new comers.

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11 Responses to “Can the U.S put a freeze on ALL immigration legal and illegal until economic situation improves?”

  1. Donna said:

    You do realize doing things like this have a rebound effect?

    The UK has already taken steps to limit the number of non EU work visa’s they issue. However, any country who would deny spouses the right to apply to bring their foreign spouse in, would get a VERY bad rap.

    Yeah yeah…I know. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks about us. I do for one.


  2. scum said:

    i actually agree

  3. Yak Rider said:

    Yes, that could easily be done.

  4. dude said:

    you must be a complete monggg, do you have any idea how hard it is to get in your dam country, practically impossible, only if your ilegal is it easy, also you americans aren’t really to bright, more than 90% of your populationn are extremely thick, you waist so much in resources etc, i think the real question is you guys need to take care of yourselves

  5. Giggity said:

    You are talking about less than half a million people per year, around 450,000. That’s the number of people who enter the US legally every year and become permanent residents. Not all of them work so the impact on the overall employment situation would be minimal. And as we already know, stopping illegal immigration has been a problem that every president for the past 60 years has struggled with.

  6. Kize said:

    I agree, we need to gt this country back on track first and catch all the criminal invaders and deport them out before we should accept anyone else.

  7. David said:

    Agreed! The sooner the better!

  8. ibu guru said:

    That’s entirely possible and not at all difficult. With legal immigration at about 1.5 million per year (not a mere 1/2 million as another poster erroneously reported), plus over 600,000 foreign students and the millions of “temporary” workers, plus the millions of illegal aliens, it would be exceedingly wise to curtail immigration and require all immigration-law violators to depart or be deported.

    The US has to generate a net 2 million new jobs per year just to absorb new American-born citizen entrants to the workforce. This has necessary, but not been accomplished, all this past decade. Workforce participation rates are low, and nearly half the population relies on taxpayer-funded programs for their living, while a mere 10% of the population pays almost all of the taxes. This is why US debt is astronomical.

    Most of the illegal aliens, foreign workers, etc, could depart or be deported by the end of the year, and open up jobs for at least a third of the 31-plus million Americans looking for work. This is the most effective and fastest way to generate jobs and halt the economic catastrophe currently starting its second down-wave. It is the only possible way to potentially prevent – or at least mitigate – economic devastation for this country and most of its citizens.

  9. Neal Vacca said:

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  10. Greg said:

    It is the immagrants that have the U.S. goverment jobs, only they voted for the wrong person. Check you pants in 4 years.

  11. asDypesobnc9 said:


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