Can i take my cartilage piercing out yet ? and replace it with another earring ?

I got it like may 6th or somewhere near there.
it’s been like two motnhs ?
can i stop cleaning it, and can i replace it with another earring ?

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6 Responses to “Can i take my cartilage piercing out yet ? and replace it with another earring ?”

  1. ♥ bec ♥ said:

    i waited like 4 months….
    the longer… the better

  2. omg said:

    Yes you will be fine as long as you clean the jewlery and piercing before and after you change it and wash your hands before and after you change it

  3. Tristin said:

    Okay Well, your supposed to wait
    12 weeks (about 3 months)
    before you take it out,
    i took mine out at 2 months,
    and putanother earring in it…
    this caused infection -.-
    i would suggest-
    that you leave it in there.
    for about another month !

  4. ♥♥I loved him too much♥♥ said:

    Cartilage piercings take 8-12 weeks to heal enough to the point that you can change the earring; so I’d say if your ear doesn’t hurt in any way and it’s not oozing anything, it’s probably healed enough to change the earring. But, keep the cleaning solution on hand because after you change it, it could get a little irritated and need to be cleaned again. Just make sure you keep an eye on it and see your doctor if it does weird things (oozes anything, feels hot for more than like an hour, is red for than like an hour, etc.) and remember to always keep in earring in at all times for the next 6 months and to keep turning the earring too.

    Hope this helps

  5. Natasha said:

    hey i want to know could i take my cartilage piercing out after like 3 weeks?

  6. Courtney said:

    you might wanna leve in your earring for like 4 months because if it is not healed the proper way you may have a high risk of getting it infected.If you did it yourself and you keep changing it after you did it you might have a risk of being hospitalized due to the fact it is no healed properly


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