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At what point does online flirting and sharing become cheating?

I’ve been flirting online and recently even shared “private” pictures of myeslf with 2 men online. I have a boyfriend, who does not know about this.

Is this cheating? Is it the converation or pictures or both?

I really like doing it, but I also feel guilty.

What is happening?

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6 Responses to “At what point does online flirting and sharing become cheating?”

  1. live laugh love :D said :

    YES, and you’re pics are prob. on a porno site.

  2. Angelique said :

    Sending those pictures is a majorly BAD IDEA!!!!!!

    And, yes, you’re cheating.

    He deserves better than that.

  3. JH said :

    Online relationships can be fun. Especially if the guys are responding right away, and your bf is not. But be careful…It’s addicting, and they can be over in a second. You need to ask yourself if you’re just having fun, or if you’re really happy with your bf. If he was giving you everything you needed you wouldn’t even consider doing what you’re doing.

  4. Melanie S said :

    The best advice I can give anyone involved in a situation like this, is if you’re flirting with someone else behind your boyfriend’s back, then it would seem to me, an outsider, that maybe you two don’t have the level of commitment needed in a sturdy relationship.

    But I can’t tell you that, not in good conscience, because I don’t know if your boyfriend would have a problem with it if he were to know about it. He may not. Do you know that he’s not doing the same thing? Just remember, two wrongs do not make a right, and if you love him, cut out the other guy and let it go.

    If you’re realizing that you don’t love him as much as you thought, then let him go. Life is too short to be unhappy.

    But, to answer another part of your question, I feel that flirting online is tolerable to a point. Private pictures on the other hand, to me that would be crossing the line. But everybody is different. All you can do is talk to him about it. Communication is key if the relationship is worth saving.

  5. Miguel c said :

    I hate this question, not the person it Just brings all those fears of women that online… it is a very stupid idea empowering those that could harm your life in the future, if you are posted to a site you will be called a number of names…

    Can you explore to do more exhibitionist stuff with your bf and make sure those pictures are in your control… or destroy them

    I have seen many video of exs of guys that are no longer with their gfs
    it is a terrible thing as it could damage your future job.. imagine if you decided to be a nun! 😛

  6. jennifer garcia said :

    i don’t think it really is unless it starts to get physical or if you send those nude pictures trust me its not a bright idea


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