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Along with trapped miners and flood disasters, should Rooney’s private life really be headline news?

And yes, I know the line “People want to hear about it, so it will be reported.”

Fine. But should people WANT to hear about it? Does the obsession with celebrity elevate the quagmire of sordid sex lives to the level of importance of natural disasters, famine, and death?

As an aside, has anyone even read about the earthquake that has struck New Zealand?
Spike, good answer, no TD from me btw….

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12 Responses to “Along with trapped miners and flood disasters, should Rooney’s private life really be headline news?”

  1. wisdom said :

    to expose the dirty cheating bastard !

  2. Steve J said :

    no, it shouldn’t.
    It isn’t news – he was scum before, he is scum with money now. No change.
    people talk about his rep, but his rep was as a money-mad traitor to his boyhood club with a habit of paying for rough trade sex – more like “olds” than “news”.
    Cheers, Steve.
    PS Yes, I have seenthe NZ earthquake – amazing so few injuries!.

  3. louise d said :

    Yes I think so. ok it’s not that important especially as he’s done it all before. It does expose him for what he really is though.

    You can’t really even say poor Colleen,she knew what he was like.If I was her I would take half his fortune, and let him get on with his rotten lifestyle.

  4. Spike said :

    Some people, mostly Sun readers or Everton supporters (see steve j. answer) love to see anything with a ‘celebrity’ tag attached to it. If people only realise how sad they were, trying to emulate and mimic everything these ‘celebrities’ do – see ‘Big Brother’ and ‘I’m in the jungle, living under pressure, get me out of here – with a huge payoff’ programmes and the like, they may understand the rest of the worlds’ opinions and concentrate on the things that really matter like floods, tsunamis, wars and starvation. It always surprised me that, no matter how much you pay someone, they still want to mess it all up and get their name in the papers for some stupid act and try to pull their partners name down with them. I have the opinion the marriage won’t last anyway.
    I have friends in South Island, they were only woken up and it does seem a miracle that no-one was hurt. The North Island plane crash was far worse.

  5. Hoodwinked said :

    Should you be buying into such drivel by keeping it going by discussing it?

    Look at the person called WISDOM at the top.
    Millions around the world being murdered or dying of starvation which doesn’t bother him but a ned footballer having sex outside marriage makes his blood boil?

    How superficially sad.

  6. teddy said :

    No it shouldn’t, but whatever sells papers i guess. Personally she should dump the s**t and get on with her life.

  7. Mr TEL said :

    It’s because they’ve cleverly built up and cultivated a thriving market for the ‘celeb’ business, which they’re now catering for on a daily basis. If people are fed on sh1t, then they expect to be given it.

    Personally, I reckon the huge meteor that hit Columbia leaving a 300 ft crater should be up there in the news somewhere.

  8. alan w said :

    How can the miners be headlines everyday? report on them sleeping,crying ,eating , were do we stop as long as its in the news everyday that’s all we need and when they are free we can celebrate with their families.,.Meanwhile, during the world cup i said Wayne Rooney could not score in a brothel how stupid do i feel now?

  9. sayasyoulike said :

    who is rooney?

  10. puffin57 said :

    No, there are far more important things to know about than the private life of some footballer. I certainly don’t care about these things. But, it is just a reflection on the celebrity – obsessed culture, where the goings on/divorces/whatever of some ‘celeb’ is more of interest than real events.

  11. Rum Cove said :

    We are all in the sewer … but some are looking at the stars … or the sun … geddit?

  12. Beastie said :

    No, because it’s nothing more than tawdry sensationalist rubbish. The only people who really needed to know about it knew before it hit the papers; him and his unlucky missus. Well, I say unlucky… if she’s got the brains to dump Shrek’s sorry carcass she’ll get a bloody big payout.

    Kiwi earthquake, 7.1 centred 40km out into the Pacific off Christchurch. No deaths; absolutely fecking miraculous. But that’s why they build out of wood in NZ; it doesn’t fall down as easily as brick and stone. And I did read about it, through the reliable medium of the BBC website. Nowhere else though; no one’s fund raising presumably because no one died. Never mind that it’s winter down there right now and there’s a shitload of homeless.


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