Why do Laker fans use the 5 rings to compare Lebron and Kobe?

I think it is dumb considering that
A. Kobe played in the league seven years longer than Lebron
B. That Kobe never won an MVP at 25 and was the second option on the first 3 championships he won. Duncan winning 1 ring as the main man on his team is more impressive at 25. Kobe’s stats excluding free throw percentage were are all lower than Lebron.
oh well strike mike he is going to get them in Miami.

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13 Responses to “Why do Laker fans use the 5 rings to compare Lebron and Kobe?”

  1. strike mike said:

    If Lebron had 5 rings which of course he doesnt, Lebron fans would use it for comparison also.

  2. nostradamus said:

    kobe is better..but dont get me wrong..lebron is a beast..look at the playoffs last year…when lebron was banged up..his game got exposed..he could not drive to hole..and so when attempted jump shots..he couldint make shots..kobe was banged up too…but was still able to perform..did u c those sick n your face shots vs the suns?..or when he got red hot in game 6 vs the celtics…2 jacked up fingers a bad knee and still make sick plays…cant wait 2 c kobe vs lebron in the finals..they should meet up..if the celtics dont knock them out

  3. 229Time said:

    You got to hit the augment from every angle….Rings and Stats are the two most obvious..

    Don’t worry Kobe’s game is on a decline, while LeBron is in his prime….

    Unfortunately for some, Kobe’s days are numbered..Only Ray Allen, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Kidd have logged more NBA minutes than Kobe.

  4. The Basketball Genius said:

    Well, Kobe could have won an MVP at 25., if he was the star player on the team. His stats were lower than LeBron’s because, unlike LeBron, he was player with, at the time, 3 Hall of Famers. However, I do agree that Kobe’s ring comparison isn’t justifyable to say he’s better, although he is in terms of career.
    Why did I get 3 thumbs down? He played with Malone, Payton and Shaq did he not when he was 25?

  5. bubba said:

    It may not be a good reason why Kobe is better then Lebron today, but it is a great reason for why he has had the better career. He is 7 years older, but 5 rings in 7 years is very impressive.

  6. WEST SiDE said:

    I agree with Strike Mike, LeBron fans would use that too.

    Plus Kobe has been the Finals MVP twice out of those 5 rings so that means something.

  7. Dol.Fan.4.Life said:

    The 2 best players in the league….when it comes down to it Kobe is just better. Lebron is still a beast, I also hate the “5 rings” excuse beacause the same could be said for Sun Yue. Ever heard of him? He has a ring….is he better than Lebron….NO. Haha, just bias Lebron haters.

  8. ๑●•°✿Líℓ' ŤsUηαMís Untouchαble✿๑ said:

    Because Lakers fans understand that the most important thing in the NBA is championships.Great players are defined by their teams success.For example if Karl Malone won 6 titles and Jordan had 0 ,I’m sure Malone would be look at as the best ever.This is why its not ever fair to Lebron to be compared to Kobe.

  9. KOBE IS THE BEST said:


  10. Melissa Nunez said:

    We all like to compare players

  11. Diane Linares said:

    This is normal ah, everyone is like this continue to discuss which players stick, will go to praise their favorite stars

  12. Catherine Capps said:

    James will win the championship, and beyond Bryant

  13. Harry Stauffer said:

    LeBron Come on, I believe, led the Heat will reproduce in your championship glory in 2006


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