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Which type of engine (Turbofan or pure jet engine) is approriate for the following aircraft spec and why?

The passenger aircraft must cruise at 500 km/h and be able to fly at 45k feet with good fuel efficency.

If possible please list the advantages and disadvantages of both engines and your choice.

Thank you.

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5 Responses to “Which type of engine (Turbofan or pure jet engine) is approriate for the following aircraft spec and why?”

  1. KennethR said:

    The question is way to broad. First of all no one flies straight jet engines anymore, high bypass turbo fan engines are much more efficient. When an airline chooses an airplane they plug in the aircraft’s specs into a formula or software to figure out what airplane fits best for their fleet operation and market. Market determines everything. What is good for one market is not good for another. That is why airlines fly so many different types of aircraft, they choose certain ones for certain stage lengths.

  2. Vincent G said:

    Turbojets are not even used by military aircraft anymore, they rely on low bypass turbofans (while airliners use high bypass turbofan), albeing usually with an afterburner.

    The good fuel efficiency is the key point: turbojets are not as afficient as turbofans.

  3. Florene Minden said:

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