Which is the most true religion and why?

I am not religious. I want to know what people would consider as the most true and non-contradicting religion and why?

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14 Responses to “Which is the most true religion and why?”

  1. Charlee Iddon said:

    It’s the one that gives you the answers you are looking for

  2. Happy Panda said:

    Obedience to God. Because God knows what’s best, and should be obeyed. Following Jesus… receiving salvation from God through Him.

  3. jupiter FIVE said:

    They’re all equally nonsensical.

  4. Jim The Baptist said:

    The one who follow the literal interpretation of the Bible without mans tradition

  5. Benjamin said:

    Christianity is the only true one.

    But beware of Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Pentacostals.

    I suggest Baptist or Methodist

  6. Andy said:

    god= alien!~

  7. Corey said:

    All religions involve believing magic is real.
    There is no evidence magic is real.

  8. NJBeliever said:

    Why do you want to know?

    If you believe absolutely, 100% that no religious faith is true, then you have just created your own belief system. And since you are willing to bet your eternity on it, I hope your belief in your own religion is 100% rock solid and based on 100% truth. Otherwise you’re taking a big chance.

  9. Ender said:

    There is no True religion. They’re all Contradictable

  10. hasse_john said:

    The only one that follows scripture is ‘Nazarene Judaism’. It worships the Messiah YAHUSHUA, and follows Torah.

  11. minxy said:


  12. chetan said:

    I believe in Hinduism because I am Hindu and I am following it because there are many Purans and stories I have heard. It is mostly followed by Nepalese and Indians.

  13. Paul said:

    The most true religion is the one that works best for you and the one that most inspires you.

    The issue of contradictions has more to do with hermeneutics than dogma since every apparent contradiction that has been levelled against every religion I have studied is relatively easily resolved simply by having an open mind and a knowledge of history, we don’t need to factor so-called contradictions into the answer.

  14. death_iz_yellow said:

    To each, their religion makes the most sense. To me, none of them make any sense.


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