Where can I get good wargame miniatures?

I used to collect Lord of the Rings warhammer, and enjoy it loads, but now I want to try something else, I’m not sure what though, I’d quite like to start with either WWII miniatures, or a range of different armies from throughout time. Does anyone know where in the UK I could get this stuff, and how much it would cost me?
I’m looking for online stores BTW

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  1. Henry said:

    ebay is great i have bought (ages ago) warhamer from there and ive also bought model helicopters

    the heliopters cost about £10

  2. glenagalt said:

    For warships of WW2, or any other era for that matter, there’s a very active group of people making and trading 1/1200 scale waterline models (IE models that only show the bit above the water and have a flat underside so they look right sitting on a table). Those guys are into the modelmaking for its own sake rather than making gaming pieces so the finished product may be a bit delicate for the rough and tumble of tabletop warfare. You could always just leave off some detail.

  3. [email protected] said:

    You want to check out any and all of the following for historical, fantasy and science fiction miniatures of all sorts:

    http://maelstromgames.co.uk (free postage, loyalty scheme and regular sales for subscribers)
    http://waylandgames.co.uk (lower prices than Maelstrom, but no free postage)
    http://oggames.co.uk (free postage and loyalty scheme)

    I’ve used all of these and found them all to be friendly, efficient and excellent value for money.

  4. Lord Darkclaw said:

    To play or just for display? You can have almost anything you can imagine, it just depends what scale you want and what style; they range from stylized/cartoony to fully realistic.


  5. Sigmar said:

    ebay is definitely the way to go. I have load of links on my site to wargame miniatures :-



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