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What credit card requires a very high credit score to obtain?

If you had to name a credit card that was the hardest to get (required a very high credit score), what credit card would you name?
Besides the black amex. Is there anything more obtainable by the average Joe?

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8 Responses to “What credit card requires a very high credit score to obtain?”

  1. Pain in the Neck said:

    platinum poo visa

  2. VideoCreditScore said:

    Not necessarily because of your credit score, but the black amex is considered by many to be most exclusive.

    in 1999, American Express introduced the Centurion Card which is often referred to as the “black card,” catering to an even more affluent and elite customer segment. The card charged a $1,000 annual fee at the time of its introduction (today, it is $2,500 with an additional one-time initiation fee of $5000) and offered (and continues to offer) a variety of exclusive benefits. There have always been rumors of a super-exclusive card that gives American Express’ richest and most powerful customers special perks. It was this rumor that caused Amex to profit off the word-of-mouth and sparked the launch of Centurion.[8]

  3. ma b said:

    Black Visa???

  4. Creepy Guy said:

    The Black Amex.
    I think you also have to charge over $200k a year on it to keep your standing.

  5. the fish said:

    Why bother with credit cards and there ultra high interest rates when all you need is a bank debit card with no interest?

  6. dooddie said:

    The american express credit cards are usually harder to get approved for. Most of them require excellent credit. The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card has an unlimited credit line just like the Black Amex but doesn’t require an invitation from amex to qualify. The Blue from american express is also a great choice, it’s very sleek and stylish.

  7. bikerchick1578 said:

    isn’t there a corn-ex gold card?

  8. Emily Huff said:

    why are you so obsessed with credit cards all of a sudden? You better be careful or you will end up like my family, we’re in debt over our heads and we’re too poor to pay it back!!! I hope you know what you’re doing…


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