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What are some of the Pros and Cons to owning a cat?

The newspaper in my town has a “Pets of the Week” section in which they show three pets available for adoption at the local SPCA, which is on my way home from work. I saw one female, short-haired tabby cat, which I immediately fell in love with. She was abandoned in an apartment closet with a litter of kittens without any food or water. According to the paper, she’s a very affectionate lap cat. Before adopting her, I wanted to know some of the Pros and Cons of owning a cat. Please help me.

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14 Responses to “What are some of the Pros and Cons to owning a cat?”

  1. Jasmine said:

    Cons, the innitial vet bills for the first year. Pros, I couldn’t imagine my life w/o my cat or any cat. They’re just the greattest thing.

  2. Shanti .. said:

    They are very loving, easy to take care of and maintain, are more independant then dogs and don’t need as much attention all the time, they are ok to leave at home while you are at work unlike some dogs.

    Cons: The vet bills, like the other person said. I have some cats worth about $2000. with all the vet bills I have put into them.

    I have 9 cats right now, I foster and bottle feed kittens without Mom’s, I love my kitties 😀

  3. Answerdogsreturns said:

    dont think there are pros to owning a cat…cons are too numerous to list…should get a dog instead if you want a pet they are more needy then a cat…cats are too independent…

  4. Susie Q said:

    Cats can make you healthier, be a good companion, are independent, you don’t need to take them for walks like you do with dogs, of course there are vet bills but these are expected with any pet. I love cats, they’revery affectionate and pay you lots of attention. My cat always makes me feel better when im down.

  5. Aimee M said:

    Cons: hairballs, litter, clawing stuff, not always want affection
    I love my 2 cats and have a stray with five little ones outside. The pros outway the cons.

  6. Pat Brown said:

    make the decision with both your heart and your head, which I think is how you are going about it. It is a responsibility, and you will have to include the cat’s needs and welfare in your own future planning. It will cost money. You will spend time taking care of the cat box, cat food, cat play, etc., that you could have spent some other way. You will grow to love it, probably, and it will be a worry from time to time, because you care.
    It will enrich your life with a companionship and unconditional affection rarely found in life. You will find joy in trying to understand the cat’s unique personality and behavior. Sometimes caring for a pet makes better people of us.

  7. [email protected] said:

    PROS- if they are treated nicely they are very loving & sometimes playful.

    (my cat is super playful but also enjoys taking naps with me.)

    CONS- the vet costs within the first year are sort of expensive. also the cost of food regularly.

    (but im 13 and i afforded it using my babysitting money. we got all his shots & got him neutered.)

  8. TTC Baby #1 !!! said:

    Well, we got ours when she was 6.5 weeks old. She was taken from her mother much too young and she’s a little brat. She’s constantly getting into things, breaking things, eating things she’s not supposed to (like trash and flower petals– and I have no idea where she gets them) and basically a little monster. I’m really looking forward to when she calms down and starts acting like a normal, lazy cat! =/

    On the other hand, she’s absolutely adorable, has never pooped or peed anywhere except her litter box, keeps herself clean, is very affectionate and cuddly (which unfortunately means she tries to sleep on my face…) and a lot cheaper to raise than a dog is (her vet visits and food are about 1/2 the cost of our dog’s).

    If you get a cat from a shelter, please be aware that you’re not going to get to know her personality until she’s been in your home for about two weeks. Animals that are kept in cages act a bit crazy sometimes– usually the “sweet shy ones” turn out to be quite rambunctious once adopted and the hyper, playful ones mellow out. I guess we’d be like that too if we were kept in a tiny little cage all day.

    Good luck.

  9. sstuffy22 said:

    Pros: Rescued cats love their owners, are very loyal, and are fun, playful, very sweet. Cats are natural hunters- you will never find an insect alive in your house again. To prepare your house for them (scratching post, spay/neuter, food, kitty litter, bowls, carriers, beds, toys) costs a bit initially. After awhile you wont notice the cost cuz they are fun to buy things for (they LOVE new toys).
    Cons: Cats can and will get into everything in the house. They need to be trained, but due to their independent nature, is difficult. They will climb on your counters, break your knicknacks, try to eat your food off your plate (when you aren’t looking). If you upset them, they find a way to get back- sometimes inappropriate elimination. Cats are very finicky creatures.
    Honestly tho- there are no PROs and CONs for cats. Every person loves them for a different reason, and everyone views cons differently. I actually think its really cute they are miscevious and destroy my house-lol. I also get covered in fur when i leave the house, or come home. I enjoy nail trimming, and brushing them. I like buying them toys, and finding kitty litters they like or freshening up the litter box for them (they always appreciate this). When they climb the curtains- i laugh and remove them. When they try to jump in my lap and miss, and use their claws on my leg so they dont fall, i say OWWW, and pick them up…
    The best PRO: life is always an adventure, but you’ll never be alone!

  10. Awesweet said:

    Cons: You have to buy the food.

    Pros. Cats Rock! Cats are cute playful and cuddly! When they get really fat they are so fun to have on your lap! They’re a friend! They’re so cuddly! I said that one twice! I’m out of my mind! I love cats! There’s 2 cons and one million pros!!!

  11. Tara` [NYY] said:

    Pros: Companionship (most cats will snuggle up to you and sit in your lap, and they want to snuggle with you), purring, fun playing with the cat, cuteness… especially when they are kittens, but it lasts. (: Buying from a shelter offers the satisfaction of giving a homeless cat a home and possibly saving the cat’s life. Many shelters cannot keep animals very long and have major space limitations.

    Cons: Cats demand attention, cat hair on furniture and clothing, litter box smells, costs related to care and feeding. Responsibility: having to clean the litter box, get the cat spayed or neutered, feed the cat, etc. If you’re allergic to cats, then that is another negative (although there are many allergy medications that can downplay the symptoms).

    No matter how long either list is, the value to you as an individual is what you need to measure. If you like cats, and feel that taking care of a cat is worth the companionship offered, then it is a good idea.

    What you’re thinking of doing could save that cats life, and I’m sure if you adopt her you won’t regret it!

  12. sikudhanismom said:

    That’s hard to say, because what I might consider a pro might be a con to you.

    Cats are clean animals, who like their litterboxes, bowls, and sleep areas to be clean. If you are a neat person, this is a big advantage. If you are a total slob, you might disagree with how often you should scoop or change the litterbox. (I used clay and I clean every other day and scoop at *least* once a day)

    Cats are creatures that like dawn and dusk. This means that kitty will frisk around in the evening, often when you’re trying to make supper. To me, no meal is complete without a little cat guidence. To others, that is intolerable.

    Cats are independent, yet very social creatures and that’s the hardest thing for some folks to understand. Cats will ignore you, even if you’re shouting in their ear, if they are occupied with something else. Even if that something else is sitting about seeming to do nothing. I’ve always thought cats were the philosophers of the domestic animal world, and when we think they’re just lazing about, they are actually having “thinking time.”

    However, if a cat decides he or she wants love, then well, cat will find a way to get that love. Usually cat will pick one particular person she wants love from at that given moment, and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to juggle some handgrenades while solving world hunger, to cat, nothing is as important as petting kitty and no one else, even someone who’s doing absolutely nothing, will be a good substitute.

    Despite popular belief, this does not mean that you can only get love from a cat on the cat’s terms. There are times when you can approach your cat and start petting and convince kitty that love is a great idea.

    Cats rarely seem to feel guilty about anything. Some people can’t deal with this, they want their pet to look guilty when they knock something over or break something. Cats will knock over a ming vase that’s been in the family for 1000 years and look at you as if to say, “Well, it’s *your* fault for putting the vase there, isn’t it?” I actually love that about cats, but you might not.

    Cats can be left alone for a day or so with food and water left for them. This is a great thing to me, but some folks dislike the idea that their pet can survive so well without them. (Truth be told though, this isn’t something people should do all the time.)

    Cats can be trained to perform tricks, but it isn’t as easy as it is with most dogs and the motivations are different. A cat will learn “tricks” to please themselves mostly. My cats will leap through an embrodery hoop if I use my clicker. At first they did it for a “treat.” Now they do it, because they love to leap. I honestly don’t think my happiness at them performing this trick really figures into them doing it, it’s their happiness at being able to leap up and through. My cats will leap through the hoop and run off, never giving me a second glance. Dogs will always look at the owner as if to say, “Hey, good jub, right?”

    If you are an independent person who can appreciate having a fur roommate that you also happen to support, but who is just as independent as you, then by all means, consider a cat. A rescue cat is even better, because usually they have all that initial vet care done, so you’ll have almost a year before you’ll have to see a vet. (Unless the cat is too young to be fixed. Then, you’ll have to make sure he/she gets fixed, but usually that is included in the cost of adoption, so you won’t have to pay any extra)

    My cats provide me with joy, entertainment, and love. Cats sense human emotions, and they know to keep clear when I’m upset and need to cool down, they also know to come up and snuggle when I’m unhappy and need a friendly face.

    I have to feed them, clean and scrub litterboxes, and vacuum cat hair from the carpets. I have to take them to vets when they are sick, I have to exercise them daily. Even if I’m sick, I still have to feed them and scoop out their litterboxes, like children, no matter how I feel, there are certain things I must do daily, no excuses.

    It’s still worth it.

    Think of all you’ll have to do for all you’ll get and see if it’s worth it. If the idea of having to clean poo filled boxes, deal with smelly food, brush, and toss toys for something every single day seems like it’s unfair against what you’ll get in return, then don’t adopt a cat.

    But if it seems like a small price to pay, then adopt the cat. The cat will be grateful, and it is a pretty special feeling to know you’ve saved a creature’s life and made it better.

    Best of luck, no matter what you decide!

  13. Amber said:

    pro: she will keep u warm

  14. krissyy said:

    I don’t think there really is any cons of owning a cat ..

    I absolutely love cats .. I will do anything for my cats .. I love that they are independent and not so needy like dogs are .. they like to cuddle when they feel you are upset about something .. they really are so much fun ..

    I have a 4 yo, 1.5 yo and 4mo old ..


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