Senior citizens, what was one trait of your mother and one of your father?

I have always associated my mother with resourcefulness, and my father with patriotism.

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12 Responses to “Senior citizens, what was one trait of your mother and one of your father?”

  1. Nicholas F said:

    My dad was too serious about everything. My mom did not get so wound up about the little things in life.

  2. CLYDE55 said:

    My mother always was hardworking and kind.
    My father was a bully after he had been in WW11.

  3. ?Dee W. said:

    I like to refer to them as Thing 1 & Thing 2. Dad was 1 because he never remarried & Mom was 2 due to her Jekyl & Hyde personality & mood swings that went along with her additional husbands.

  4. Nemesis said:

    Mother: Control freakish bossiness & bullying.
    Father: Victim thereof – more sinned against than sinning.

    Guess who disappeared and who stayed – when I was aged 11 ?
    Guess who I missed most and mourned most – when they died aged 93 and 96 ?

    Mother was the MOST annoyed – her one aim in life, with the black hole of all her never satiated demands – her words ” I’ll DANCE on your father’s grave”.

    Sadly, she gave up the ghost a year before he did. And never got to do her dance.
    So many decades of bitterness went ‘unrewarded.’
    Sadly so – as it goes.

  5. janet a said:

    My mother is opinionated, bossy, and demanding. And she has no idea that she isn’t a sweet, wonderful person. I put up with her because I am no longer afraid of her, although it took me 52 years! I look at her now as a pompous queen who no longer has any control. It’s sad in a way, but also invigorating.

    My dad was an extremely kind man but I realize he was also a “yes” man — he was comfortable in that position — his mom was opinionated, bossy, and demanding, and he felt comfortable with that for the rest of his life.

    My brother and I can finally talk about this and we are both in our 60’s! He was the rebellious one and I was the good little girl — what a relief we’ve broken away from that and can now talk about our childhood.

  6. Marilyn T said:

    My mother was humble and my father a huge show off.

  7. DeeJay said:

    My father was an honest kind with a great sense of humor. He was a work- a – holic.
    He was either working or playing his guitar and singing. During the World War ll – he listened to the radio a lot.

    My mother died of pneumonia – when I was eight years old. My memories of her are precious and I know she loved and cared about me and my little brothers. She was a homemaker. She cooked yummy steamed carrot pudding with lemon sauce. She made quilts for me and my dolls. She made my dresses. With each dress- she made a Sun Bonnet doll square for a quilt top for me. My grandmother saved it for me and gave it to me when I married.

    She woke me early in the morning and we had tea and toast together.

    Someday I will get to know my mother again and learn all the things I would like to know about her.
    Very nice question – lots of good memories.

  8. Lila said:

    my mother was needy. not enough mother love when she came into the world. my father was patient but he had a mental illness that changed his life. mom was born in ny and died on the west coast, dad from the west, died in NY.

  9. blu said:

    I just addressed this issue in my Dad’s eulogy.
    Dad had a peculiar way to start a conversation in the middle and make the listener work their way to the beginning. That’s just like him … make us work for the reward.
    Mom passed down the humor gene to me.

  10. Poppy said:

    My mother’s temper defined her. She was an angry woman unhappy with her lot in life. My father was a quiet man who did not chit chat. Most evenings he would sit in the kitchen with his cigarettes and iced tea, he would do this for hours. In the dark. Poppy

  11. Jeff (weseye) Wesley said:

    My artistic abilities from my father and mother. My penchant for seafood from my dad. My love of reading from my mother. Congenital maladies (inherited diseases) from both.

  12. tbolt63 said:

    I often compare my mom and dad to Edith and Archie Bunker. Mom was sometimes an air head and dad was opinionated and did strange things at times.

    Mom taught me to love and be kind to others and dad taught me how to be a DIY around the house. Can’t complain about that but, of course, I was a teenager so I didn’t listen to anything they had to say until the years went by and I realized just how much they had taught me.


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