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How to get out of paying transfer penalties, and maintenance fees for having a low balance with my bank?

I’m sick and tired of being punished for using MY money and transferring it between MY accounts or not having a high enough balance at times. Should I just have a talk with my bank or should I just cancel my account and open some new accounts at a new bank? How do I do this? I’m being robbed!

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6 Responses to “How to get out of paying transfer penalties, and maintenance fees for having a low balance with my bank?”

  1. Alex said:

    go talk to them and say you are going to leave their bank if they don’t credit you some of those fees… be prepared to close all your accounts with them. many banks have policies allowing them to forgive some of those fees

  2. Steve D said:

    The best you can do is talk to your bank. However, you were advised of the fees when you opened the account, so don’t expect the bank to waive all the fees you have been charged (you might get some back, but it will be a one shot deal). Also be advised that almost all banks have transfer and minimum balance fees. Balance transfers are a service to you that costs money, which is why the banks limit the number of free transfers you can perform.

  3. redhead said:

    Close your accounts. I would suggest you look at a Credit Union as opposed to a bank. They generally have much better situations for your money.

  4. SoccerRefToo said:


    It is you, not them, buddy. You have no clue what your balance is right? Right! You are spending and moving money you don’t have. And, are having to borrow the money to keep it all afloat. It won’t change until you change. It is NOT the bank…. it is your lack of identifying and using your accounts correctly.

    Close as you will, it will happen at the next bank too. Until you take the time and energy to keep accurate balances and records, and review our accounts daily online. My daughters were the absolute worst at it. Then, after realizing that they paid $40 for a $5 meal, it took hold. They have not bounced checks or ben overdrawn in two years (knock wood).

    The key for them was keeping and entering their receipts and checking everything on line morning and evening so they didn’t forget anything…. ya gotta do the math!

    Good Luck


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