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How much credit do you need on a credit card to hire a vehicle?

I want to hire a van to move house, but want to move myself. I have a credit card but only with a £250 credit limit, its too late for me to apply for a new card or be able to up the limit, but if i want to hire a vehicle I am told you need a much higher “reservation” for them? Any idea how much?

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6 Responses to “How much credit do you need on a credit card to hire a vehicle?”

  1. Flower Girl said:

    I don’t think they actually charge your card unless you stiff them on the bill.

  2. Arisa said:

    Its usually £500. but depends on the company you’re hiring from.

    Check out their website cos it will usually state the amount there

  3. Dzo said:


    It’s better not to use your credit card for buying a vehicle. You can do it through an auto loan instead. Find out how you can get a vehicle with an auto loan from . Good luck!

  4. davetumalty said:

    Hi they swip your card and get authority to use it in the event you dont bring the car/van back or you bring it back damaged. So providing there is still some available balance when they swipe it even 1p it will go through

  5. andrew838037 said:

    depends where you live if in or near staffordshire, dont charge deposit all you need is funds on card to pay for van, or try i’m sure they dont charge a deposit and there nationwide

  6. Denise said:

    They don’t actually charge anything to your card, unless you don’t pay of course. So they won’t know how much credit you’ve got. Good luck


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