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How do I set Yahoo phone in and phone out using a VOIP adapter?

I have both services and I have an unlocked Linksys SPA2102 phone adapter. Can I send and receive calls using my adapter?

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5 Responses to “How do I set Yahoo phone in and phone out using a VOIP adapter?”

  1. Robert said:
  2. Alok Saboo said:

    Yahoo voice services do not support SIP and so you may not be able to use Yahoo with your Linksys ATA or any other Soft phone. The link in the sources provides a detailed video tutorial on configuring SIP accounts in an ATA or a soft phone.

  3. TryNow said:

    Yahoo rate is not good at all. Try You can phone out and receive calls with SPA2102 and rate is much cheaper than Yahoo. It’s worth a try.

  4. Zach said:

    You need to first sign-up to:

    Yahoo Phone-In


    Yahoo Phone-Out

  5. Deshawn Janofsky said:

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