did Pacquiao skip super flyweight and bantamweight division?

if he didn’t, he could already been a nine division champion and going for his tenth,
if I ain’t mistaken.

Although. I am not a fan of this Pacquiao-Margarito fight.

idol Mayweather, please stop hiding and come out of your closet already.

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4 Responses to “did Pacquiao skip super flyweight and bantamweight division?”

  1. Martin said:

    careful what you wish for. floyd will “come out of his closet” and give your boy a beatdown in 2011. and if you really take 9 and 10 titles seriously, you likely know little about boxing history and are probably a 15 year old who does not even believe there are only 8 original weight classes and there used to be one champ per division.

    maybe floyd is “hiding in his closet” with all his legal issues, etc., unlike pactards, i’m not so obsessed with him that i know the color of his freaking underwear and who’s pu55y he’s eating at night…geez. and as far as i know, doesn’t pacquiao have a fight this saturday? is it not wise to make sure your boy gets past that one before worrying about the whipping floyd will put on pacroid?

  2. ez_e91 said:

    I wouldn’t put too much emphasis or hope on a Flomo Jr – Pacman fight. Flomo Jr. had all the chances to sign the contract, but proved to be too much a PU$$Y A$$ 8ITCH. He has no fortitude or guts to challenge the Pacman, but is boastful enough to proclaim he’s the best of all time while beating his baby mama for an IPHONE. In the years to come, historians will remember Manny Pacquiao in a far more favorable and inspiring light than that wretched loser from Grand Rapids Michigan.

  3. jhnplezz pachater killer said:

    @ martin

    so floyd is hiding in his closet? …. that is sweet to hear from you lolz

  4. kemjiu said:

    Wouldn’t it be he is a CLOSET QUEEN because he is fun of hiding his personality, such would be an embarrass moment to him showing boxing as his front to hide the real him.

    Such words came from you, LOL.

    Good luck



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