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Credit card?

Can anyone advise me which option is the best when you have a dispute with a credit card company who is not prepared to listen to a reasonable complaint. Court action or a complain to the banking Ombudsman.

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7 Responses to “Credit card?”

  1. The Storm Chaser said:

    Banking Ombudsman’s the best option.

  2. jaw said:

    Banking Ombudsman. You’re only paying for the price of a stamp, and possible phone calls then.

  3. newsoutherngirl said:

    Banking Ombudsman would probably be the better option. Its more likely less expensive and less time consuming. Also while both the court and the banking Ombudsman are impartial third parties, the Banking Ombudsman understands financial issue more in depth.

  4. George B said:

    depends what your query is, all credit card companies have a department called CMT (complaints management team) who have more authourity than your average joe that picks up the phone. If youre complaint is genuine you just need to be persitant, the customer is always right. The bank are out to make money, if your account is in good shape threaten to close it, you will then go through to the ‘retention’ team who’s job is to talk you out of closing it, i.e. give u what u want! be careful though, if your account isnt in good shape they will close it the first chance they get!

  5. machiavelli said:

    Your first port of call is to phone your local Trading Standards Office.They give good advice that you can trust because they’re run by the Government and are on the side of the Consumer.
    They’ll tell you where you really stand and also,how to/ who to complain to in the most effective way.
    Good Luck in your struggle against “Big Bad Money”
    The “Mac”

  6. paul h said:

    Before approaching the Banking Ombudsman you must exhaust the Credit Cards internal complaints procedure. Contact them and ask for details of their various procedures – there are likely to be a number of stages. Once you have gone through this process, if you are still unsatisfied at the outcome, you can complain to the Ombudsman.

    It is highly unlikely the Trading Standards will be of any use with your complaint – they’re pretty toothless!

  7. K S Rao said:

    Don’t worry if your dispute is real and great if you have some documents to prove your claim. Take the following steps. once the transaction is in dispute stop using the card. Pay to the bank what is actually due as per your usage – excluding the dispute amount and keep quite. Write to the card issuer that you are no more interested in using the issuer’s card as the company is not interested to resolve the complaints and do mention that what is actually due is paid and you will not pay any thing more and you owe nothing more. send this copy to banking ombudsman.
    Rest in Peace.


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