Christians please explain the science behind God, specifically the creation of matter and energy?

Does anyone else think it’s funny when Christians try to use science to discredit evolution or atheism? Not only do their “science” questions or answers contradict the the entire scientific community they often display an obvious ignorance of basic scientific concepts. However, the irony of all of this is the completely unscientific alternative they want to advocate. So Christians, here is your opportunity to explain scientifically how your God operates. How does the whole magic God work? By what demonstrable scientific process did your God create the universe out of nothing? I’m just dying to know. Also what is your God made of? Energy? Matter? God particles? If so have these particles been observed? What is the mass of God? Physical and observable characteristics? Since humans derive their memories and emotions from demonstrable biological processes is God biological? If not please explain how a non-biological being can have intelligence. That would be swell. Thanks.
@AG Man I can tell by your anwser that you are uneducated. Evolution HAS been observed and IS testable. Read a book once in a while. LOL

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10 Responses to “Christians please explain the science behind God, specifically the creation of matter and energy?”

  1. AG_Man said:

    It is extremely interesting to me how you think evolution has anything to with science even though it goes directly against the basic principles that science was built upon. Evolution is not:

    testable; or,

    In other words, it doesn’t even qualify as real science. And I’m unscientific, I’m uneducated, I’m the idiot for believing what God has clearly told me about creation and you all blindly accept something as truth that you can not even prove your selves? Mmmm-hmm…You’ll never get me to believe a monkey is my uncle, a rat is my cousin, and that lice are my near kinsmen.

    “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” -Hebrews 11:3

    IF, as evolutionists claim, the earth is billions of years old, and mankind has evolved from a lower and simpler form of life, then why has mankind gone from writing upon stones to laser printers in just the past 3,500 years? When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, they were written upon stone. It is abundantly clear that the Egyptians carved messages into stone (hieroglyphics). So why is it that mankind has only discovered better inventions in the past few thousand years? If mankind had evolved, as evolutionists claim, then why didn’t man discover ink a million years ago? Think about it. This is an astonishing thought–There were NO planes, cars, computers, refrigerators, electricity, lights, gas, powered-equipment, telephones, recording devices, CD players, MP3 players, electric razors, televisions, record players, movie cameras, or a million other modern technological inventions–just a mere 170 years ago. Civilization has advanced from utter primitiveness to incredible mind-boggling achievements in just a little over 100 years. So why didn’t mankind discover any of this stuff 100,000,000 years ago, or 100,000 years ago for that matter?

    Look at the ignorance of doctors over the past few centuries. Sanitary practices, such as washing hands, were laughed at by doctors, while thousands of patients continued to die. It was unimaginable to doctors back then, that washing one’s hands somehow was related to a patient’s health in the operating room. Can you believe that? Evolutionists today are just as ignorant of the truth of God’s Word, and of common sense itself. It’s hard to imagine that millions of people were dying from a simple lack of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) just a couple hundred years ago. If evolution is true, then it took man billions of years to learn all these kindergarten lessons. And ironically, man has only learned these lessons in the past couple hundred years. You’ve got to be kidding me! Don’t tell me that it took mankind BILLIONS of years to learn to wash his hands to prevent disease! The truth is that mankind has taken baby-steps since 4,000 B.C., and it did take him nearly 6,000 years to learn to wash his hands. This is just another undeniable PROOF that evolution is a lie. If mankind had evolved over millions of years, then men would have discovered these inventions a very long time ago.

    The truth is that evolutionists are hardhearted against the truth of God’s Word. The Word of God declares that God created the world at approximately 4,000 B.C.—YOU’D BE A FOOL NOT TO BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE THERE’S NO HISTORY PRIOR TO 4,000 B.C. As incredible as this fact is, it is undeniable proof against evolution.

  2. Lynn said:

    I believe in evolution and I believe in God. But God, as Such has nothing to do with the explanation of science and what aparently goes on in and around the Planet Earth.

  3. Ross said:

    Ask and you receive. Jesus

    Form follows thought. Gautama Buddha

  4. Muck said:

    I’m not very religious, but lately I have observed that many Catholic priests are trying to find the almighty in the “naughty area” of there alter boys.

    @AG_man: explain the dinosaurs then smart one.
    @Cindi: there’s actually a very interesting theory on what caused the big bang. It was described I believe in the show “through the wormhole” on the science channel. If you get a chance to watch it, please do, VERY cool.

  5. Illuminator said:

    First, the scientific method was developed by Christians.
    Second, the university was invented by Christians before the middle ages.

    God created matter and energy out of nothing. Science does not give the answer as to where matter and energy came from. To say it was always there is the most retarded unscientific statement a scientist can make.

    There are three different kinds of “sciences.” The difference between them is the degree of abstraction that is involved. The mind might just focus on the physical by experimental observation. This science is called physics or natural science (this is what the modern mind knows as “science”). He can also move toward a higher degree of abstraction dealing with quantity and number which can be distinguished apart from the material things. This is called mathematics. The highest abstraction is when the mind deals with being or reality itself as being. This is called metaphysics.

    What the modern mind needs to remember is this: all three sciences are different and one method of science cannot be the method of another. This has been the error of both the modern and the ancients. As Dr. Kreeft said, “the ancients used a philosophical method to do science and the moderns use a scientific method to do philosophy.” One cannot say that since relativity is true in physics, morality and truth are relative. Physics is also mathematical. Does this mean we need a mathematical morality? If relativity is true in physics, does this mean that mathematics ought to be relative?

    A new science does not necessitate a new religion or a new philosophy. To mix them is committing what the scholastics call the fallacy of uniform method of science. As Fulton Sheen said,

    “Here we call it the ‘Fallacy of the Uniform Method of Science’ — the fallacy of taking one science as the norm, and making it the measure, the guide, the interpreter, and the inspiration of every other science.” (Philosophy of Religion, 185)

    Physics should be treated as physics, mathematics as mathematics, and especially, metaphysics as metaphysics. One should not use a scientific or mathematical method to do metaphysics and vice versa. As Etienne Gilson said,

    “Theology, logic, physics, biology, psychology, sociology, economics, are fully competent to solve their own problems by their own methods…no particular science is competent to either solve metaphysical problems, or to judge their metaphysical solutions.” (The Unity of Philosophical Experience, page 249)

    Now you should be able to see why your question is so stupid.

  6. Cindi said:

    So u think the big bang spewed out energy at the speed of light… along with the 4 fundamental forces of the universe fully intact. Then this energy coalesced into hydrogen atoms… and on and on until humans came about?

    sounds like not biological matter somehow formed intelligence huh?

  7. Bibs said:

    The world is plagued by believers who reject science, and scientists who reject God. A truly intelligent man knows that God made the material world (science), and the immaterial world (angels). You can not prove God with scientific methods, but with philosophical and theological methods. That is because God is an immaterial being. Science can only operate on the material level.

  8. Thor is a loving God Too. said:

    They like to discredit science, yet in the same breath use it when it “appears” to back up their position. I think it was a big mistake for physicists to nickname the Higgs Boson the “God particle”, because if they find it Christians will use that as scientific proof that their imaginary God exists,lol.

  9. LarisaTheLoyal said:

    I believe that God is antimatter…researching the properties of antimatter may answer your questions. I am not a scientist so I can’t explain everything, but I do believe there is a Supreme Being who created us all, this process can never be explained, understood, or duplicated by any human.

  10. No Chance Without Jesus said:

    Christianity is not scientific. It is just a bunch a fairy tales pulled out of the rears of a few bronze age sheep herders. Then bronze age religious nut jobs that thought that animal sacrifice was an appropriate mode of worship. And these people think they should be taken seriously. That to me is hilarious. I have a great life, good heath, and am happy. All Christians can do is tell me I’m gonna get it when I die. You know, when no one can see where you are. How convenient. It must be hard to accept so many limitations for the promise of something that is so dubious as to warrant all your suspicion. I don’t know why anyone would do it.


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