As christians,what can we do to convert atheists to christianity before they die and go to helll?

No christians want to see people burning in hell. How can we convert them to christianity before it’s too late to save their souls?

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16 Responses to “As christians,what can we do to convert atheists to christianity before they die and go to helll?”

  1. Judah Williams said:

    As an atheist, I would like to see your technique improve.

    The Christ gave advice on this in His three temptations while wandering through the desert.

    1)Satan tempted Jesus to convert others through a demonstration miracle (throw Himself from a cliff…)
    Jesus declined this means of conversion because it would enslave minds. Jesus wanted people to come to Him freely. This is the biggest mistake I see Xians making. If you ask that we believe in hell, you are asking us to believe in magical thinking. Either we will or we won’t. Most likely we wont, but if we do it is still not a proper or desirable means of conversion. Anyone who comes to the Christ to avoid hell is either an opportunist, or has been mentally/spiritually compromised. It is not a free decision as Jesus taught was essential.

    2)Turn stones into bread and feed the hungry. Again, the Christ declined as pandering to desperation is another form of enslavement, Man does not live by bread alone.
    Some Xian charities are good about this, while others do not heed the Christ’s warning. You as an individual can behave in accordance to Jesus, and be generous without putting strings on your gifts.

    3)The crown of Caesar.
    This is a big historical error, spreading the Word by sword. I don’t think this is a problem today, though it could return. This is the thing that many non-believers point to when they criticize Xianity. It can be a valid criticism. I suppose the way to neutralize this criticism is to own it and understand other people’s concerns.

    To make converts, I suggest working towards a world where these conditions of slavery are non-existent. Help bring about peace and an end to tyranny. Help end poverty. Help put and end to magical thinking. As an individual, you should be free of violence and hate, hard working and generous, and not ruled by magical thinking (overly impressed with miracle). Not only would this make you more of the Christ’s ideal as a Xian, but it will help you relate to non-believers by giving you something more in common with them. It is also a more respectful place to work from.

    Purify your intent. Maybe saving us from hell is not the best primary motivation (though I respect your sense of compassion), but rather sharing the Christ’s love and sense of liberation.

    I also suggest using the esoteric Greek reference in writing your titles (Xian, Xtian, Xsian, Xianity, etc). Xs are cool. Kids love Xs.

    Hope that helps.

  2. TwistedOwl said:

    And whoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when you depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

    Trying to force it is no good. 1st answer makes a good point and is something that doesn’t show enough these days. Leading by example with love, peace, understanding & forgiveness goes a long way to getting people interested.

  3. Jack said:

    Blow me?

  4. Voltaire said:

    Keep your psychotic delusions to yourself

  5. Cassie can haz sock account. said:

    You could try to bribe me with cookies..? 😛

    *Wants cookies*.

  6. orchidmg said:

    the bible says we can’t convert their hearts at this point. God gave them free will and they have chosen to go to hell.

  7. Dr. Jazz ♥♥ Fun Aтнєιѕтs ♥♥ said:


    The only “helll” is the one on earth that religious cults make by constantly harassing us to join!

  8. craig b said:

    Tell them once and then shake the dust from your feet and leave that town.
    Your responsibility is over!
    You fulfilled the Great Commission.

  9. Jimmer said:

    You can’t – save yourself the trouble and the history lessons and STOP TRYING…

    > Jimmer <

  10. nahga kihri said:

    knowing that human consciousness is powered biologically, only an idiot would believe in hell. a dead person is a dead body, void of human consciousness. spirits dont burn, they are immaterial (according to primitive superstition). fire requires, fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. fire wouldnt burn in any immaterial realm. this is primitive superstitious nonsense. dont worry about saving atheists.. save yourself from fairytales a, gullibility and escapism

  11. Rai A said:

    I’m a Non-Atheist who’s getting sick to death of this kind of Elitist hate-mongeing aimed at the Atheists, thinly disguised as “love” and “concern” and other suggestions that they have the right to ignore other’s Human Rights. .

    I’m betting you’ll include followers of other religions into your “Atheist” label. So I guess your next attack is to ask how to Bully Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindis the list goes on.


  12. Apostle Jack said:

    So what, if some do not believe…….Rom 3 v 3

  13. ROBERT P said:

    We leave them alone. They will be judged on the good and the bad they have done in their lives.

  14. Gregory said:

    That last comment was just plain mindless.

  15. EugeneCOG said:
  16. Bennyken said:


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