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would you rather have incorrect answers for eternity or start off incorrect and eventually obtain truth?

note* those incorrect answers are “assumed” to be true.

if you are thick, the first option obviously relates to religion and the second to science.


then again, with science, you cant obtain truth, you can only obtain the answer as correct as the evidence demonstrates.
this is like a priori vs posteriori info all over again!

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6 Responses to “would you rather have incorrect answers for eternity or start off incorrect and eventually obtain truth?”

  1. FFFUUUU said:


    I don’t know which to pick

  2. Victoria.x said:

    i would rather know the real truth, because even if it meant my whole belief system got turned upside down, at least i would know i was right! Then there would be no religious wars or mass amounts of money spent to resolve argue scientific arguments with research etc.

  3. Rawr! it means i love u in dino said:

    Start off incorrect and eventually obtain truth. DUH!
    Why would I want to be ignorant?

  4. hypno_toad1 said:

    I’d rather eventually get the right information, than to think I always had it from start, and didn’t.

    I’ve always thought that having the ultimate answer handed to you, stopped you from ever seeking the verity of that answer, or to ever seek out other possible answers.

  5. Grey Tower said:

    Ah, but if science is the only way to obtain a correct answer as demonstrated by evidence, then all those clever people who cling to science and ridicule religion will only be able to enjoy what they consider to be “truth” during their lifetime (a miserable three score years and ten).

    But what if they’re wrong? Well, I guess they will then have all of eternity to contemplate the error of their thinking.

  6. jennifer garcia said:

    umm… i think if the truth is to hard for me to har than i would live a lie my entire life… if not than i would rather just figure the truth


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