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will i stop losin weight if i keep runnin and i dont lift weights?

im trying to lose 130 far i ve been running and riding the bicycle at the gym.will my body get used to that eventually,so i ll have to lift weights and increase my muscle mass?and when do i have to do this?

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2 Responses to “will i stop losin weight if i keep runnin and i dont lift weights?”

  1. Bob G said:

    Aerobic exercise is where you really lose weight. Walking, running or swimming all work well. In all cases weight loss is strictly related to calories burned versus calories consumed. If you burn more than you eat then you are going to lose weight.

    I should add a caution here. Use a tape measure instead of a scale to measure loss. You will build muscle mass as you lose fat, no matter what type exercise you do. Sometimes it will seem you are standing still when you really you are losing fat if you strictly rely on the scale.

    In my opinion, swimming is the best because it works more muscles than running does and is easier on the joints.

  2. snoopy055 said:

    You should learn so facts about dieting before you start dieting. Some fad diets cause long term health issues, heart attacks, failed kidneys, even some not so risky, like bad breath. Exercise does not have to high intense work outs but only enough to increase your heart rate. A night out dancing may be just what some people need for their daily exercise.


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