Why is my male betta lying under and on top of things?

he seems alittle depressed but i dont know what to do. he is under the plants and on top of them. is there something wrong with him or is he doing that because it is their nature. please help. thankz
he is lying under plants and ontop of them. there are other fish in the tank. so is he ok or do i need to worry.

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3 Responses to “Why is my male betta lying under and on top of things?”

  1. sarah.jennison65 said:

    if u don’t have any other fish, then he’s lonely. just get a female betta, nd we will b as good as new!

  2. cinnafab said:

    constantly or just at times? bettas have been known for scaring owners when they sleep, upside down, on their side, on plants or in a verticle position balancing on their nose.

    *** and i know the first person who answered meant well but putting a female with him would be the worst thing you could do, one would just end up dead even if they seem to get along at first.
    what other fish are with him and what is the tank size?

  3. WilzB said:


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