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Why is an earthquake victim more deserving than a flood victim?

It’s one way of looking at the issue.

Or why did so many give to Haiti and no one is giving to Pakistan?

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16 Responses to “Why is an earthquake victim more deserving than a flood victim?”

  1. Niko said:

    Cause flood victims can enjoy swimming

  2. old know all said:

    We’ve never been attacked by terrorists trained in Haiti.

  3. Christine said:

    I think it is because they are mostly Muslims and people here hate them..sad..even the children. Haven’t hardly heard a thing about it. Twenty million people left homeless.

  4. Adam said:

    No natural disaster causes more suffering than another of similar magnitude. I think, that it’s generally known that Haiti is one of the very poorest countries in the world, and we hear nothing bad about it. Pakistan often receives negative press relating to terror etc, and so I think that is why Pakistan seems to be getting less. Just my personal opinion.

  5. Powdered Toast Man said:

    I didn’t give to either if it will cheer you up a bit.

  6. Jimmy C said:

    Pakistan is a much wealthier country and the flooding is in part of the country. Their government can supply aid too.
    In Haiti, everything was destroyed, even the government buildings, so there was no infrastructure to do anything.

  7. Rubym said:

    Haiti is closer, although we do have thousands of troops in the area of Pakistan and I think some aid from the US is going in there. Haiti, while a country that is not too stable, is our ally. Pakistan is too, but in the middle of internal problems. An Earthquake is over in a few minutes and the damage is evident immediately. A flood goes on for some time. It might be hard to get aid to some of the victims.

    I hope the fact that Pakistan is a largely Muslim country and Haiti is largely Catholic has nothing to do with it, but I don’t know. I would think in a few weeks maybe Hollywood and others might get together and do some kind of relief telethon like they did after 9/11, Katrina and the Haitian quake.

  8. MoHart said:

    So these people must suffer because of political views and indifference towards muslims, it is not their fault.I have donated and I contribute to the British Red Cross and as usual the British people are the most generous.

  9. Hootsy Tootsy funny feet said:

    Simply because it is Pakistan which is disgusting. Who would have thought that there was so much racism in the world and people that claim to be caring humane people can turn their backs on innocent children

  10. Thamain P said:

    Because Haiti has nothing. Way poorer than Pakistan and due to heavy rains and floods , it was too difficult to estimate the damage. We have to support whomever is in need of help. Senseless comments and blaming games won’t do any good to the situation. Have you donated yet?

  11. Mr TEL said:

    I think the Taliban have got to take the blame for that one.

    Also, a country’s affluence is measured by its technology and Pakistan is a nuclear power.

  12. teddy said:

    People are p*ss poor in Haiti, as many are are in Pakistan, but many people feel that there are millions and millions of Pakistanis around the globe, who are well off and can be doing their bit too, are they?
    Many countries are donating, and somewhere in there is Britain.

  13. SBD said:

    I wouldn’t say “no-one” is giving. I know many who have.

    It isn’t being advertised nearly as much and isn’t in the news nearly as much.

    Various reasons why. One of them will be the scale. The floods in Pakistan cover a vast area. Difficult to grasp. Haiti as an island seemed easier to deal with somehow. Though I’m sure that’s not entirely how it is on the ground.

  14. The kindly crane driver said:

    dont give anything to these black people.I never have The money never goes to the people.Ask yourselves why China or any western state can manage natural disasters with no proble. they are never ending.

  15. The Circus Bearded Lady said:

    When you see the head of that state swanning around in Birmingham and dining with his son in places which the local Brummies can only dream of doing while his compatriots go without even the basics such as water; herein lies the clue?

  16. Zahra said:

    It’s A big SHAME! 20 million Pakistani needs help and noone is doing anything. It’s just because they are muslims.


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