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Why does my boyfriend make plans with me and then change them for his convenience?

He’ll tell me we’ll do something then all of a sudden hes spending the night w/ his friend and say “oh well maybe this day will work” or change the time & plan completely. I hate when plans change so what do I do to cope with this or deal with it?

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7 Responses to “Why does my boyfriend make plans with me and then change them for his convenience?”

  1. Bob said:

    maybe your his booty call.

  2. Cat Lover said:

    Tell him how you feel, this is how a good relationship succeeds by being able to talk about your feelings, and caring enough to listen to each other.

  3. TexasRiverRat said:

    I don’t like to sound harsh, but it seems to me that he does this due to lack of respect for you.

    Sounds like he’s treating you like a door mat! You need to let him know that it’s not okay. If it happened once it’d be different, but if it happens too often, I’d raise some Cain with him!

  4. Darla said:

    Don’t be available anymore. He is not changing plans, he is blowing you off but trying to disguise it.

  5. ricky said:

    jst tell u bf tell me when u fixed b4 an hour

  6. Mark T said:

    He feels he has you wrapped around his little finger. What I feel is happening is after making plans with you he gets a better offer. I would do to him like he does to you and see how he likes it. I bet it might help him see the light.

  7. Robena Cornes said:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Wonderfully composed!


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