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Why did support for the bolsheviks increase in Russia between march and july of 1917?

I have to answer this for history, talking mainly of the failure of the provisional government’s leadership and their continuation of the war, Lenin and Trotsky and why people liked the bolshevik policies.
please help?

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One Response to “Why did support for the bolsheviks increase in Russia between march and july of 1917?”

  1. Jefferson Thomas said:

    You partially answered the question already. The prov gov was weak and inept. They had not accomplished much of note since the overthrow of the Czar. Furthermore, they had to share power with the Executive Committee made up of socialists (mostly mensheviks not bolsheviks). The Ex-Com even claimed authority over the military. Basically, the average Russian began to see the Prov Gov and the mensheviks as unable or unwilling to use their power to improve the current situation. Yet the Bolsheviks were there saying “We WANT the reins of power, and we will use them to fix all of Russia’s problems.” As for the war, the Prov Gov was handling it as badly as the emperor. Specifically, they were losing. Military defeats always destroy the credibility of those in power with their people. It is a myth that the people were clamoring for a withdrawal from the war at this point, for the most part they wanted Russia to win. The Russian people were not exactly crazy about all Bolshevik policies. It was more their attitude that they would accept total power, and that they would utilize it to repair Russia and make her great again. They gave people hope. Even so, they were by no means wildly popular across the board in Russia.


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