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Why are young black people so rude and disrespectful in public?

I saw an incident where I really saw some acting and behaving like “animals”

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22 Responses to “Why are young black people so rude and disrespectful in public?”

  1. hmegan said :

    That was just the way they as people acted. Doesn’t mean they all act that way.

  2. Lorie said :

    Young people in general are disrespectful lol

  3. Danish K - Falcons! said :

    because they are raised around people like that

  4. Molly said :

    That’s called “Life” White people act the same way.

  5. pigfrak said :

    you answered ur own question cause their BLACK!!!!!!!!1111111

  6. ManicEnigmatic said :

    Because of horrible white people like me. Didn’t you know? Everyone falls prey to the evil white man.

  7. Pedro said :

    No offence but your question sounds a bit racist, but besides that its past rejection and theyre parents, i mean not all black people are like that.

  8. Austin N said :

    seriously, there are groups of teens of all races who misbehave. You’re just not use to that groups type of misbehaving (and most likely you can’t understand African American Vernacular English)

  9. Dream Eater said :

    For the same reason that young people of any other race are rude and disrespectful in public, I suppose.

    I mean, for crying out loud, go to any high school – or, hell, MySpace or Facebook – and you’ll see a racial rainbow of rudeness. Black, white, Asian, and so much more…!

    Rudeness isn’t just a black thing. Sorry to burst your inflammatory bubble. …Actually, no, I’m not.

  10. just visiting said :

    the Lack of enough good role models. I think that is changing, but they are still being influenced by too many thugs, and not enough responsible citizens. At least ones that are in the public eye. Kids are constantly bludgeoned by what the Media offers up, and that isnt always good. It is just the portrayal of people in general, not just black people. Often The celebrities that kids see as succesful, shouldnt be. Real and decent people need to start stepping up again to show what should be looked up to. The Media really needs to clean up their act. They are mostly responsible for what the masses see and relate to.
    Unfortunatley, as it is now, Bad news sells, and the media mistakenly thinks everyone wants to see that. What we really want to see, is GOOD behavior being rewarded
    not a constant bombardment of hatred, rape, and murder. The world has become shameful.
    Only we can stop that.

    If you want people to act better, try to show some of them why that is a good thing. Be the good role model.

  11. Goat Ropers said :

    Your statement would be true if you eliminated the work “black.”

    Young people in general tend to be rude and disrespectful at times, and often behave like “animals.” Especially when they are drinking alcohol.

    This generally changes when they mature.

    Based on your user name and statement above, you appear very racist.

  12. Paul said :

    Because of their inferior culture. I’d act the same way if I was raised in “the hood” by drug dealing gangsters with HIV.

  13. Paul said :

    People who are raised to be disrespectful by disrespectful parents end up acting that way regardless of race!

  14. tratum said :

    young black people are no different in behavior than any other race. Unsupervised young people in a group tend to act out, no matter the race. But if you are predisposed to think badly of black people, black americans, hispanics,asians or any ethinc group you will alwalys judge their actions harsher than your own.

  15. Hey Yall said :

    I saw a middle aged unshaven shirtless WHITE man on the bus…
    ewww…. fat and nasty looking… smelling so bad. hair isn’t comb at all.

  16. Dude said :


  17. BoomBox said :

    Oh they were probobly teens….i know ive seen it too. Im a teen myself but never would i act like some of those other ones do! I was raised better. But im not racist…but yea i also usually see that kind of behavior out of black peoples kids….I have to admit its not only blacks though…its just this damn youth…(HAHA I sOuNd Like AN OLD PeopLE)….But yea….they can literally act like “animals”….

  18. babylon said :

    The same reason a white man slapped a stranger’s toddler daughter in Walmart. People are rude and do stupid things. Sort of like how you are being a bigot.

  19. You beloong with me said :

    some of them weren’t raised right. but it’s true. not all of them are like that but a good bit of them are.,

  20. Madam said :

    As a black woman, I’ve experienced overt rude behavior from white males more than black males. (i.e. a white man bumping into me on purpose)

  21. jaded said :

    I’ve taught black kids in an alternative school, and it is like they are from a different world when it comes to what is considered acceptable standards of behavior and respect. Black kids act like they’re in the hood, and then throw it in your face that everyone else has to adapt to their behavior. And then they call everyone who tries to correct them a racist.

  22. Nichole Chancer said :

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