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Which credit card companies will give credit cards to someone who is a discharged bankrupt?

A friend of mine was made bankrupt a few years ago, but has been discharged for about 18 months or so. So he can try and build his credit up, which credit card companies would allow him to obtain a credit card? He is not interested in the interest rate etc – he just wants a company who will definitely say yes, as if they say no, it will make his credit scoring worse.

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12 Responses to “Which credit card companies will give credit cards to someone who is a discharged bankrupt?”

  1. April J said :
  2. Slimick said :

    Go with a secured card….Your friend doesn’t need any unsecured debt after filing for BK…..I think that CapOne has a fairly good secured card..

  3. Randy G said :

    almost any the credit card company know they cannot become insolvent now for 7 years. so now they have a fresh slate. apply for one or two and wait for the reply. too many and the credit reporting
    agencies will flag that person for awhile. Hope this helps.

  4. anom224 said :

    i used to work with one of the credit rating companies. Normally there would be lots like Tesco, M&S, Egg. But due to the current credit crunch every lender had raised their credit score limit by at least 300 points. Credit ratings are out of 1000. People who have been bankrupt’s score gets reset to between 0 and 100 and it takes years raise it again. Sorry if this hasn’t helped.

  5. JanJan said :

    go to moneysupermarket. go to the credit card section. They have a list of credit card companies that accept people with a bad credit history. Vanquis and capital one are just a few of the companies on the list

  6. Doctor Deth said :

    just about anyone will – don;t expect an int rate of less than 20% and the credit limit will be small, until he proves himself

  7. Brian K said :

    Check out There are a few cards in the “Bad Credit” section. I would try the Continental card. I think they approve everyone.

  8. big ed said :

    the bank of toy town

  9. John S. said :

    he can apply for a credit card for people with bad credit. They are easy to get approved. most of them report to all major credit bureaus which helps to improve credit. he can apply for one here:

  10. John W said : – try this one. I personally use it
    It is very good for bad credit.

  11. alatoruk said :

    capital one gave me one about a year after I was discharged. it only had a £200 credit limit and I had to pay a £200 deposit, but it allowed me to rebuild a credit history.

  12. Shannan Barnak said :

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