Where can i get cheap Justin Bieber concert tickets and have good seating?

I would like to go to his concert but the tickets are so expensive and the seating is bad.

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4 Responses to “Where can i get cheap Justin Bieber concert tickets and have good seating?”

  1. Web Star said:

    Here at TicketNest.com you will find Cheap Justin Bieber Tickets –> http://www.ticketnest.com/concert-tickets/Justin-Bieber/index.php
    Cheap and on Discount Tickets are available at TicketNest.com for all types of sports, music, theater and festivals

  2. JB said:

    Don’t be fooled by these websites like the one that is linked by another answer, a ticket from ticketmaster is the cheapest and safest way to go,but I’m assuming you looked there already. Look up local hit radio stations for contest you would most likely get 2 tickets and they’d be great seats.

  3. Rodger Oepas said:

    I have seen tickets for Justin Bieber concert online at TicketFront.com . They are great tickets at low price.

  4. Nikki Bieber <3 said:

    I scanned the internet, comparing prices from 100 different websites. The best price? Justin’s official site! http://bieberfever.com He is STILL selling the tickets. You are pretty late so you probably won’t get good seats but you will definitly get the best price there.


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