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Where can i get cheap Justin Bieber concert tickets and have good seating?

I would like to go to his concert but the tickets are so expensive and the seating is bad.

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4 Responses to “Where can i get cheap Justin Bieber concert tickets and have good seating?”

  1. Web Star said:

    Here at you will find Cheap Justin Bieber Tickets –>
    Cheap and on Discount Tickets are available at for all types of sports, music, theater and festivals

  2. JB said:

    Don’t be fooled by these websites like the one that is linked by another answer, a ticket from ticketmaster is the cheapest and safest way to go,but I’m assuming you looked there already. Look up local hit radio stations for contest you would most likely get 2 tickets and they’d be great seats.

  3. Rodger Oepas said:

    I have seen tickets for Justin Bieber concert online at . They are great tickets at low price.

  4. Nikki Bieber <3 said:

    I scanned the internet, comparing prices from 100 different websites. The best price? Justin’s official site! He is STILL selling the tickets. You are pretty late so you probably won’t get good seats but you will definitly get the best price there.


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