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Where can I donate a computer monitor and printer in the Phoenix area?

I was told Dell accepts computers but they only take Dell brand which mine isn’t and Goodwill doesn’t accept them any longer. Any other suggestions? There must be some organization in need.

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4 Responses to “Where can I donate a computer monitor and printer in the Phoenix area?”

  1. dawn® said :

    check out freecycle …


  2. Daniel B said :

    I would also suggest recylcing the total computer package, my county has that, where you drop it off in these big recycling bins, and they turn everything into scrap metal for re-use.

  3. davidis99 said :

    If goodwill doesn’t accept PCs any longer, try your local United Way – they can typically find a nonprofit in their network that can use the donation.

  4. Juan said :

    Most of the HP are windows catmopible for Vista. That one you are specifying has excellent rating by the way and is a good buy and yes, Window Vista catmopible.Just remember that when you power on the HP, don’t connect the USB cable right away into the printer. Start the installation and let the program guide you as to when to connect the USB.That way, you will get a flawless installation.


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