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When did you start watching wrestling and what was the company? **STAR**?

What year did you start watching wrestling and what was the company.

I started watching wrestling in 1998 and it was the WWF.

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12 Responses to “When did you start watching wrestling and what was the company? **STAR**?”

  1. Green Beam said:

    When it was shown in the olympics

  2. Candle said:

    Pretty much as soon as I started walking, so consciously I started watching at about the age of 3. So it was about ’88 and it was a mix of territory stuff in NC, which was good in the day, and WCW. The first feud I remember watching was Sting vs Black Scorpion/Ric Flair.

  3. Johnny said:

    Can’t remember what year it was. I was a kid and we watched some company out of Houston. It was bought by the WWF before too long.

  4. Maria Maranoos said:

    2002 *************

  5. Steve said:

    I started watching pro wrestling (Georgia Championship Wrestling) in March of 1981. Some of the stars included The Fabulous Freebirds, Ted DiBiase, The Junkyard Dog, Tommy Rich, the Masked Superstar, and Mr Wrestling II.

  6. L-M-6-9 said:

    I started watching in 2006 and it was the WWE.

    Just because I didn’t watch the Attitude Era I have seen past videos and it is awesome.

  7. Puertorican said:

    1991(i was 2 my dad watched it) WWF Taker

  8. PLAYBOY said:

    in the year 1997 it was World Wrestling Federation

  9. WWF ATTITUDE (X9) said:

    I started watching wrestling in 1995,i was 15 (so i remember those days like it was yesterday) The company was WWF. Im glad i started watching around that time because of the Monday Night Wars and then the Attitude Era began. You started watching in 1998 which was the beginning of the attitude era,so we’re both lucky.

  10. Sharkboy15 said:

    I’ve been watching my entire life I suppose. I remember carrying my Undertaker and Kane action figures to nursery school and I was like 3 at that time.

    But my earliest memory is Rock throwing Austin over the bridge, so Ill say in 99.

  11. UltraViolent said:

    TNA – 2009

  12. John Bradshaw Layfield said:

    1997 WWF


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