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When and where would fishing a bucktail be the best, while surf fishing?Also any advice on colors or trailers?

When and where would fishing a bucktail be the best, while surf fishing?Also any advice on colors or trailers?

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2 Responses to “When and where would fishing a bucktail be the best, while surf fishing?Also any advice on colors or trailers?”

  1. Prowl #98 said:

    You can use bucktail jigs around rocks, pilings, and any structure. Or just cast into a school. Or just bump it a long the bottom

  2. AdamS said:

    i c+p this from another site

    At least in early season, I like to bounce them off the bottom. Although I occasionally add a curley tail, bucktails generally work pretty good by themselves. The only time I wouldn’t bounce them off the bottom is if I know for sure that the fish are somewhere else in the water column (i.e I see a school working the surface)

    Bucktails and rocks; lighter weight head, bigger plastic trailer, and a line tie on the front are my secrets to not hang up. I also count down, and if I hang up, I don’t let it fall as long on the next one. Line size also affects fall rate. Once I get depth right, I fish it with small jerks & reel fast enough to not hang up to often.

    Bucktails will catch almost any fish in the sea almost anywhere. They are so versatile. There are so many different kinds, from shad darts which slaughter big fluke when they wont take bigger baits to the half pound size that all the alaskan halibut fisherman are using. A couple of different twists to try are: Take red nail polish and put some vertical slashes across the white hairs so it looks like it was wounded by a blue.
    Eyes- make a difference. If the bucktail doesnt have eyes try painting some on with nail polish or those acrylic paint pens.
    Flash- Add a little sparkle to the regular tail with some of the dozens of different flash products from the fly tying shops.

    Bucktails and rocks: I would try fishing with; longer heavier leaders, lighter weigh heads, bigger chunkier hair, or larger soft plastics. All these would slow the fall rate, therefor producing less hang ups. As stated earlier you should count down to the depth you wanna fish.
    Learning what’s under water: Instead of wasting lures did you ever just try bouncing a sinker along the bottom? It’s a good way to find out the depth and structure you are about to fish. I use a 1 1/2 oz bank tied to the end of my leader with 50#PP and a 5′ 60# leader it falls roughly 1 1/2 feet per second. No hooks=less snags and you still get a feel for the spot your fishing. Then make the assessment and pick your bait.

    Location, conditions and style or type of fishing should dictate how you fish your jig. Bouncing or walking it along the bottom could be right for places with deep water and strong current or when you know the fish are down deep in general. Other times you may want to fish in the lower part or bottom of the waves where many times the fish are cruising when the waves are rolling. Determine the right weight by reeling in at a moderate speed and maintaining contact or “feel” of the jig. You don’t want a lot of drag or have it crashing into the bottom or too light that you can’t feel it or that the water has control of it.

    Jig fishing is not rocket science its the most simple lure a guy can fish with and catch the most amount of fish and big fish to, bucktails are deadly on any fish species.

    Always fish the lightest jig possible I use jigs anywere from 3/4oz all the way up to 5oz it all depends on were I am fishing, current etc.

    One thing about jig fishing is if you are not loosing jigs you are not fishing correctly, I dont mean losing 20 jigs a night but a few here and there is normal if your fishing in rocky areas of corse on sandy bottoms you will never loose a jig unless you break your line wile casting.

    You can bounce jigs off the bottom, swim them, yo yo them, etc, just use your imagination when fishing and try different retrive speeds.


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