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Whats the best gym workout to build muscle and shape the chest for men?

I’m in my 20’s I go to the gym and workout my chest once a week to me I know that’s not enough. What would be the best solution?
Please list how many chest workouts you know. Also how many styles I should do for one day. To get the best results.
Thank you.

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3 Responses to “Whats the best gym workout to build muscle and shape the chest for men?”

  1. katty said:

    2 x weekly
    push ups
    bench press with bar and dumbbells
    flat and incline and decline bench
    flys with dumbbells
    make sure to do rotator cuffs and deltoids

  2. chastel22 said:

    yes it is plenty. you should not work specific muscle groups directly more than once a week. all you’d need is a good chest workout (with a spotter would be ideal). my chest workout is barbell bench press 4 sets of 6-10 reps, then incline bench (which works your upper chest and the hardest to build) 3×6-10 reps, and flys 3×6-10 reps. remember you should be working hard, make it feel like you can’t do more than the amount of reps your doing (ex if you’re doing 8 reps make sure the weight is enough so that you can’t do 9). if you do more than 12 reps on large muscle groups, they are not working hard enough. save the 12-15 reps for smaller, weaker muscles like shoulders. to get strength gains, use the barbell. exercises involving the barbell are best for getting stronger, because you can load more weight. (dumb bells are good too, but their focus is alittle different)

  3. 1 Hot Photographer said:

    Believe or not, pushups are the most effective.
    The peck deck works well, plus dumbell presses and bench presses. Pull ups will make your arms and shoulders in proportion with your chest.


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