What would happen if all the black people and all the white people in the world got into a fight?

My friends were having an arguement that was incredibly racist but smart and funny. We said it would be all bareknuckle and no weapons. We also tried to figure out how long it would last. I said that the greatest fighters/boxers of all time are mostly black but they argued white people would be more tactical.

It’s not meant to be offensive just a really good hypothetical.

By the way it’s held in an massive blank space and asians/other races are neutral.

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26 Responses to “What would happen if all the black people and all the white people in the world got into a fight?”

  1. Rutgers Dropout: ANGRY ASIAN said:


  2. Mami Chulita (Mi Amor<3) said:

    Isn’t it obvious? The black people would dominate, period.

  3. Blue Kool-Aid said:

    Fight wont take so long

  4. samgardner94 said:

    Whoever wins loses becuase the Koreans will kill who is left

  5. Andrea(: said:

    It would be a hell of a fight?

  6. Wh!tn3rZ said:

    that is an awesome very disturbing question..most black people don’t fight fair they always wanna bring the weapons or “gang” up on the white folks..I say the whites would win just out of determination expecially the “Southren White Folk”

  7. Patricia C said:

    Impossible because I wouldn’t participate.

  8. Claire Redfield Imitation said:

    The Spanish would win the end

  9. Johnny said:

    Most black people wouldn’t be able to fight well since they would have to hold their pants up the entire time. The others would all be too weak from starvation, so the whites would win easily.

  10. Clarissa said:

    we would win black men are easier to manipulate so they die first then black women don’t even stand a chance.

  11. (。◕‿‿◕。) said:

    I honestly think this would mark the end of the world.

  12. Rob said:

    If it is bare knuckle and no weapons, I’d have to admit black people would dominate. However if it were an actual war and there were separate military’s I would have to say that white people would come out on top.

  13. I have skillage in the village said:

    Umm. . . whites would win:)
    there would be a huge fight and everyone would get eiter killed or seriously injured
    But its not gonna happen is it?

  14. Nick said:

    The whites would end up working on the plantations and calling the black man “Massa”

  15. Jason S said:

    Whites would win because brain beats brawn and we have both.

  16. ♥ Solitaire Barbie ♥ said:

    the black people would win…

  17. Google=The Answer said:

    whites would probably fight mentally
    blacks would probably fight physically

    Haha I put my money on black people!

  18. ☆DH☆ said:

    Black people would win hands down.

  19. Honey said:

    considering black men are stronger than white men, and black women more than white women, this wouldnt be a fair fight.

  20. P.C. = B.S. said:

    It wouldn’t last too long because the Whites would start flinging nail bombs. You ever see how white people are in places like North Ireland?

    @ Rutgers Student Just shut the f*ck up you little penis waste of flesh. I’m sorry that you couldn’t last that long in college but don’t take it out on others. Go f*ck yourself. You don’t like whites? Commit suicide.

  21. Anti-Social said:

    It could go either way. Even though black people got the upper hand. I think the white people will bring guns and stuff to help them win xD

  22. lollipop said:

    World War III?

  23. Javier C said:

    in a one to one battles black would always win but the whites will use united tactics and beat the blacks, they would probably learn a type of martial art use that to their advantage. I seen dog fights in the history channel that the USA fighter fought differently from the Korean who had more agile aire planes. Despite having more agile airplanes USA fighter still beat them with better tactics.

    They fight with style that counter the opponent so if the blacks are better at one to one they don’t play that game and use other way of fighting that they more likely to win.

    That how sort of how Mexicans lost a war with the United States, the Mexicans army we’re really badly organize and that is why they lost.

    by the way am Mexican.

  24. Patrick_version2b said:

    I would claim to be neutral too, on the grounds I’m a member of the human race. Cheers, Pat

  25. Elise said:

    i think us white people would be doomed. We would be better off surrendering. lol @ nick

  26. Amanita Pantherina said:

    Hm, considering the world population there are approximately 300 million more black people (Africa) than white people (Europe and Russia), so it’s going to be quite a long fight and I guess in the end, black people might win for the sake of being in the majority.
    White people might be good at tactics and strategy – but think of the Vietnam war or the situation in the Middle East – when they’re confronted with an enemy who doesn’t use the kind of strategies they know and are used to, they become quite helpless. Apart from that in history European usually won because of their weapons, so if there are none, it might become difficult for them.
    And all of Oceania and Asia will lean back and watch the fight in wonder.


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