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what were the positive and negative effects of the American Revolution?

What were the positive effects?
What were the negative effects?
Was the American Revolution successful?
Why was it successful, or not successful?
What could have been done differently?

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One Response to “what were the positive and negative effects of the American Revolution?”

  1. Cody said:

    This looks a lot like work for an essay, but a man in need deserves my help indeed. I’ve helped many of my friends and classmates who aren’t that good in History with this type of stuff, so here I go.

    The positive effects of the Revolutionary War were that the U.S. gained its independence, Great Britain lost it’s standing as an undefeated superpower, and democracy was allowed to expand and develop.

    The negative effects of the Revolutionary War were that France collapsed and entered a violent era known as the French Revolution because of severe debt. America was also open and undefended. 9 out of every 10 Americans were farmers and they had no navy and no army. Great Britain, humiliated by the defeat, began to seek revenge. They raided American trading vessels and they created high tariffs for American ships. They also refused to sell British goods in America, which hurt America’s economy.

    The American Revolution was successful in part to French assistance. At the time of the Revolutionary War, Britain had naval superiority, but it was the French who had superiority on land. Another reason they were successful is because the Americans were fiercely nationalistic, fighting to preserve their freedom.

    Several things that could have been done differently include better arming and better organization of the American troops, a restriction of British raiding of American ships, and financial support for France to be made by Great Britain.

    Pleased to be of help for you.


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