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What should I use to separate home made burgers when I freeze them?

I make my own burgers from time to time and then put them in freezer. Usually I use greaseproof paper, but sometimes the burgers the burgers freeze together, and despite the greaseproof, it’s impossible to separate them when frozen.

Anyone have any ideas? Thinking of trying cling film or kitchen foil?? Any reason why I shouldn’t?

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27 Responses to “What should I use to separate home made burgers when I freeze them?”

  1. finger lickin` good said :

    freeze them individually

  2. carnival queen said :

    Foil works for me.

  3. Karan said :

    just keep them apart!!

  4. catering_queen said :

    Parchment paper

  5. cookie said :

    buy some metal rulers and put one between each pair of burgers

    or buy 7 new freezers, one for each burger

  6. TCB 32 said :

    You should by wax paper it works great for burgers . = )

  7. GracieM said :

    Use wax paper or saran wrap between each burger. Or, wrap them individually.

  8. PuterPrsn said :

    Waxed paper works best & is cheapest – just cut into squares and stack away.

  9. kezza1818 said :

    no, you’ve just about got it covered

  10. olivia said :

    you could freeze them seperately intially and then stack them together when they are frozen to save on space…or try waxed paper….you can get waxed paper discs in some kitchen stores 🙂 good luck…home made burgers are the best 🙂

  11. Paul said :

    Wax paper is the best. I find the easiest way to get them apart is to stick a knife in the crack between them like a chisel. Make a fist around the handle, and then use your other hand to bang your fist and they come right apart.

  12. fed up woman said :

    Freeze them in a layer on a tray with cling film underneath them, making sure they don’t touch each other, once frozen put in plastic box with lid, they’ll remain loose until you need them.

  13. old_woman_84 said :

    Somestimes I freeze them seperately then bag them and sometimes I put double layer of waxed paper between them if freezing unfrozen.

  14. braingamer said :

    Are you using a double layer of greaseproof or waxed paper between the burgers. If not, you should. A double layer would allow you to wedge a knife or other utensil between them – which makes it relatively easy to separate the burgers.

    The other alternative is to freeze them in a single layer and then stack them once frozen. Think berries !

  15. beecher said :

    waxed paper works well

  16. Hank H said :

    patty paper, or wax paper

  17. Patricia L said :

    Wax paper works great.

  18. Nathalie K said :

    pat your patties out and put then on an oiled cookie sheet and set the cookie sheet and patties into the freezer….let the patties freeze completely …..then place then in freezer bags….

  19. Overcast Kid said :

    Glad go-between.

    It’s thinner than a freezer bags and comes in sheets so you can freeze stuff without it sticking.


  20. jehidia said :

    Wait till the defrost.
    You wouldn`t cook a frozen burger anyway.

  21. missred1023 said :

    Wax paper or parchment paper should work well.
    I find that foil has a tendancy to stick when frozen.
    Or, use baggies and seperate them.

  22. asaucygal said :

    two ideas – freeze them quickly (30 min) seperately on a cookie sheet, then put them in a freezer bag. Or use Reynolds “Release” foil between them. It is specially made not to stick to meats as you freeze them.

  23. cowgirl_power82 said :

    I would freeze them flat on a cookie sheet first with wax paper. Then stack them after they are nice and frozen.

    The foil may stick into/on the paper and be hard to get off, same could happen with the cling wrap.

  24. slba said :

    As odd as it may sound and it my take you a little bit of time but if you and your friends/family save the lids of small butter sour cream,and cottage cheese containers cut them in to a circle and use them to seperate the patties you can reuse them too.

  25. zakiit said :

    In cookery shops, depending on where you are you can by a kind of cellophane square with which you can separate burgers – they do not stick and you can easily pull them apart. Failing that use cling film, though this is very fiddly, and not worth the effort in my opinion.

  26. N H said :

    grease proof paper

  27. mickstocks2 said :

    Freeze them individually laying flat in a large bag. When they are frozen then stack them with the paper in between them.


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