what should i do about my mom and society?

I’m 16 and still in high school and my girlfriend is 19. It seems like everyone judges us being we’re gay and also a inter-racial relationship, I’m white and she’s asian. My mom has known that i’ve been into girls for about a year now, but all of a sudden she had a issue with it. Is it because of the way society looks at it or what? Also when we go in public eveyone stares and makes really rude comments, but shouldn’t they be use to it now i mean you see it all the time?

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6 Responses to “what should i do about my mom and society?”

  1. Loveless said:

    all I got to say is f them, I am 20 years old and white and my bf is 23 and black and we get judged all the time. But, we love each other so much we don’t really give a damn about who makes fun of us. All I can say is don’t let it bother you and express your love the way you want to love! =)

  2. mscop36 said:

    Who cares what other people think, we spend way way to much time worrying about what the neighbors will think!! Love who you want to love and start worrying about YOU!!!!

  3. Chris said:

    People are still used to the old ways. A lot of religious people frown upon gay people, which I think is ridiculous(I am Catholic). In my opinion you shouldn’t care how people look at you. It doesn’t matter.

  4. Shug said:

    The only thing I see that might be wrong with your relationship with your girlfriend is that she is an adult while you are a minor. It is possible that she can get into legal trouble for having sex with you.
    As for your mom. she may be aware of how difficult your life will be as a gay person. Society puts out all type of lies, fear-based literature that instills fear and hatred of gays. It is not right, nor is it fair, yet it is the situation that all gays must deal with.
    Be prepared to hear all types of propaganda about gays, and also be prepared to ignore it. Good luck


    lol! i guess you should go off yourself

  6. de_whiz said:

    YAH who cares sniff each others vagina infront of em , just be careful not queef alot ;) good luck


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