What kinds of aromatherapy and music help babies?

Should it be included with baby massage and breastfeeding? What are the benefits in the long run?

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5 Responses to “What kinds of aromatherapy and music help babies?”

  1. Jessica Kruse said:

    lavender and chamamile are relaxing scents. massage is always good. long term? idk

  2. Alyssa's mommy said:

    I think most babies would prefer to smell mom and hear her sing while breastfeeding over anything else.

  3. boober said:

    White noise, like ant races on ur tv… ans sshhhing sounds, washing machine, a loud fan, anything like that. It mimics the sounds that were in the womb.

  4. Stephanie said:


  5. Baby Grace arrived on November,7 said:

    lavender and mommys voice


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