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What is your race/ethnicity and what race/ethnicity are you most attracted to in general?

I am an Indian (India) guy and I am most attracted to Latinas, Indian girls, Native American girls, and all girls that have those tanned skin, black hair and brown eyes features. Currently with a Latina who has green eyes, brown hair and White skin.

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16 Responses to “What is your race/ethnicity and what race/ethnicity are you most attracted to in general?”

  1. Jenniferrr said:

    White and only attracted to whites and some latin ppl. Blacks are gross and asian guys look too much like asian women. lol

  2. The Prodigy said:

    I am a Caucasian European male and i am attracted to Caucasian (including Caucasian Arabs and Latinos) / Asian ladies!

  3. Rebecca said:

    I’m white and I am most attracted to Middle Eastern men. I love their golden olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes and sexy lips πŸ™‚

  4. JayJay said:

    I’m mixed (european and african american) and I’m attracted to other dark tan guys and dark skinned guys in general and if possible one with green eyes. I love their exotic skin tone & full lips.

  5. Seriously?! said:

    White/American and mostly attracted to other whites but darker, mediterranean types.

  6. Miss LONDON Suspended. said:

    I’m British and white and i prefer British white or black guys.
    Black guys usually have a better English accent than white guys do lol. I haven’t really seen people from any other races in real life really apart from indians and pakistani’s etc There’s nothing wrong with them, just not attracted.

  7. Fantastic Wifey said:

    Am biracial Black/Filipino married to a black/Mexican ( we both consider ourselves black) man. I am most attracted to black men. Basically, darker men, Asian, black biracial etc.. That is just me.

  8. easy way is always mined said:

    i am white, and i am tragically attracted to women who move like cats, who are smart and who have that kinky spark in their eyes. race irrespective.


    I’m American Hebrew, and I’m mostly attracted to other Hebrew American men from places like Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, California, Arizona, New Orleans, New Jersey and places like Conneticut and Canada (maybe Ontario Canada).

    White men are pretty cool too, but they are not as strong minded.

  10. μ‹ λΉ„ λ‚¨μžμ•  said:

    Race: European caucasian
    Ethnicity: Err… Idk tbh. I’m pretty sure I have English, Irish and German in me though. BUT, that’s not it. That’s only from my dad’s side… my mum’s side has much, much more T_T.
    Nationality: Australian

    Errrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Idk if I’m really attracted to one race or ethnicity than another :S. Let’s put it this way, I think everyone’s sexy.

  11. Bobatunde Chambers said:

    im biracial but i find white women to be the best looking.

    the one im not attracted to at all are black women

  12. Quagmire said:

    I’m a white guy, mostly Italian in ancestry with a little German and Anglo-Irish tossed in, and I tend to be most attracted to Mediterranean/Eastern European white women and Latinas.

  13. G said:

    Middle Eastern

  14. ..... said:

    I am an Arab (Middle eastern)

    My ethnicity is Semite.

    I can’t choose specific ethnicity but I like the personality of African Americans. I found them more attractive than Caucasian ( White men). Also I like Middle eastern.

  15. ...hot1 said:

    im middle eastern, im attracted most to black women.

  16. Jenna said:

    I’m 18, from Canada & 100% a whitey <3 but the only men I'm attracted to are Arab. I don't know why but I find them so seductive! I dated an Arab for about 3 years(he was from the UAE) & now I'm with my current boyfriend of 10 months(who's from Israel but an Arab) They just do something to me, it makes me so submissive.


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