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What is your favourite style of Kung Fu and why?

Mine is Wing Chun. I love its centreline theory, its blocks and the simplicity and complexity of its techniques. It is practical and elegant. I love it!

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6 Responses to “What is your favourite style of Kung Fu and why?”

  1. ISDS said:

    Bak Mei “White Eyebrow” Kung Fu. Why? Because it’s the style I am studying and practicing.

  2. Rooker said:

    Choy Li Fut.

  3. CTC said:

    Chen Style Taijiquan

  4. butoden3 said:


    Norman Torok is why.

  5. Alex said:

    Wing Chun

    although i don’t think its a complete system, it doesn’t have much/any ground fighting, and thats its main limitation

    as a striking structure, its a totally different way of thinking about striking, i like to mix it with boxing/thai boxing, so i get all 3 ranges in, but thats just me

    as for grappling, i do wrestling (for takedowns and sprawls) and JJ for everything else on the ground

  6. Vickey Humbertson said:

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