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What is the weather like in North and South Dakota?

What is the weather like in North and South Dakota in the winter and in the summer?

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4 Responses to “What is the weather like in North and South Dakota?”

  1. miked9372 said:


  2. Jess said:

    in south dakota in the summer, id say the average is 80- 87 degrees
    winter it can be anywhere from -20 to 20 degrees
    the spring and fall are mostly 40’s- 60’s

  3. Ashley said:

    In North Dakota summer is anywhere from 70-100 F. Winters are anywhere from -50-40(on good days). BUT this winter has been BAD here. We have had ALOT of blizzards. and now, we are in a blizzard, and its FLOODING!
    South Dakota is close to tha same i spose.

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