What is the name for the drink vodka and redbull?

What’s the name of the drink that has vodka and redbull in it?

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  1. Mr. Pants said:

    I don’t know but redbull is worse for you than vodka. Its about the most manufactured liquid on the planet.

  2. amy02 said:


    This article says the drink is known by a wide variety of names, and then it doesn’t list any of them. It also says the stuff is dangerous (a) because alcohol is a depressant and caffeine is a stimulant, and (b) ethanol is directly toxic to cardiac myocytes.

    Myocytes (from “Technical Terminology” class, [mumble] years ago) are muscle cells.

    Red Bull tastes like carbonated gasoline anyway (source: tried it once).

  3. 32 Characters. I used them all!! said:

    A Red Bull Vodka is known by several names, in some areas it is called an “Eyeopener” or “Dagger” while along the East Coast of the United States, it is simply known as “RBV”. It is also known as a “Heart Attack”, “Birch” or when mixed with Peach Tree Schnapps, a “Birch Tree”. In the American Midwest it is known simply as a “Red Bull and Vodka” or a “Lawnchair,” particularly in Louisville, KY. Likewise, in Detroit, it is called a “Pearsall.” It has also been called a “Raging Bull” in the Austin, Texas area. In some areas of Canada, a shot glass of vodka is filled and then dropped into a glass of Red Bull or similar energy drink, which is promptly drunk. This is known as a “One-Armed Scissor.” In Switzerland it is called “Gummibäärli” which means Gummi Bear. In Turkey, it is called “Votka Enerji,” which means Vodka Energy. In the Czech Republic it is called “Křídla”, vhich means Wings. When mixed with cherry vodka, it is known as a “Cherry Bomb,” though this variety has specific regional names as well. For example, in Louisville, Kentucky, because the team name for the University of Louisville is the Cardinals and their colors are red and black, the “Cherry Bomb” is called the “Cardinal Bomb” or the “Card Bomb.” When mixed with tequila and vodka, it is sometimes known as a “TVR” in the UK and Tokyo metropolitan area of Japan where the name is recognized as referring to the TVR sports car company. When served with Vodka and Cranberry juice, it is known as, “VCR.” When served with Vodka and Champagne it is noted for having a particularly intoxicating effect, and is also known as “VCR.” In South Texas and Mexico when mixed with Absolut vodka it is called “Absolut Bullshit.” In other places it is known simply as a Starlight, Vodkameister or Vodka Red Bull.

  4. Chris said:

    I think your looking for the name “Jaggerbomb”

  5. **Sarabelle** said:

    Its just call Vodka Redbull.

  6. Jasper said:

    “Vodka Redbull”

    No story, no fancy name, just that.

  7. olivertwist said:

    a vodka & redbull.

    thats all


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