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What is the difference between high pressure and low pressure?

And how do they interact, and change.

I was taught this a couple of years a go, but I forgot. If you could refresh my memory I would be thankful.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between high pressure and low pressure?”

  1. AWinkandaMod said :

    high pressure always seeks low pressure, to reach a state of equilibrium.

  2. cyswxman said :

    Air has weight, and the amount of weight over a given spot is the air pressure. Due to various factors such as heating and cooling of the air that pressure varies from one location to another. Wind is the atmospheres response to this varying pressure, with the wind moving air from areas of higher pressure toward areas of lower pressure, in an attempt to equalize the pressure.

  3. Arasan said :

    Air has weight.But this weight changes from place to place.The atmospheric pressure is the weight of this air column over a place.As the weight changes, the value of the pressure also changes from place to place. Unequal heating of the places by the solar radiation,altitude etc contribute to the changes in pressure.The place over which the weight of the air is more is called a high pressure area and the place where this weight is less,is called a low pressure area.


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